Netflix’s ‘Messiah’ Season 1 completion clarified: Will the Anti-Christ be uncovered?

Netflix's 'Messiah' Season 1 completion clarified: Will the Anti-Christ be uncovered?
Netflix's 'Messiah' Season 1 completion clarified: Will the Anti-Christ be uncovered?

The first season for Messiah was dropped this new year and there are a lot of answered questions on the 10-episode series. The season is confusing.

The show portrays what the people would expect a messiah to be. Before the show was aired, there were speculations that the show would possibly introduce the character ‘Al-Masih’ which is an anti-Christ figure in Islam.

Netflix was under fire and users were blocked for revealing characters’ full name. but the show never once mentioned Dajjal directly.

The show leaves its user hanging with the question of who is the messiah. Is it the man who is suffering from a delusional disorder or the anti-Christ? Some information about the main character was scraped away in the narrative.

The last episode of the season the miracle ability of the character to another level after he survives a plane crash. He also raised people from the dead. He is definitely a ‘divine entity’ if not the messiah.

The character was able to summon a storm in Syria, tornado in Texas and flood in Florida. It all looked real to his followers and the viewers.

His name is revealed as Payam Golshiri and he has a history of psychiatric disorder. It is still unclear if he is here to save the people or destroy them.

There is a subtle reference that Payam is the anti-Christ which was observed by the viewers. The ‘Messiah’ tells a girl from Texas named Rebecca that he came to the States because of her and tells her to deliver a message to a crowded church.

At the church, Rebecca describes him as the eye of a storm. In Muslim doctrine, ‘Al-Masih and Dajjal’ is said to have one eye. Users believe that Rebecca must have had a vision during one of her seizures.

There are no answers after the investigation by CIA agent Eva Gellar and the show does not feed its viewers what to believe in.

It can be believed that the ‘Messiah’ is not here for good given we have only seen his dark side. Maybe Season 2 will be able to answer all the questions.


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