Netflix’s upcoming series ‘Messiah’ comes under fire: Here what happened!


Mel Gibson’s’ Passion of the Christ ‘(2004) attributed Jesus’ death to opposition from the Christian community, as well as the geopolitical framework for the’ Messiah ‘”Christ’s Second Coming” – uniform outrage.

In the case of Messiah, the main character, the anti-Christ relationship to ‘Dajjal’, is threatening people to leave Netflix.

Social Media users point out the lack of religious sentiment and respect for the streaming service – translating into Anti-Christ with Anti-Crazy Al-Dazzal.

Twitter users have initiated a political and religious debate with tweets, an example of how the performance will take place after its release on January 1, 2020.

One tweet stated: “Guys, I’m really shaking. Someone posted that Netflix is ​​coming up with a show called Messiah. And what’s going on in the world when Dajjal appears? I’m in my original – what?”

Another said, “In our beliefs, to the religious people of Abraham, it will one day become reality and it will be frightening.” External Lash, with a tweet, said: “Who is with me to cancel our membership and will never watch Netflix if they allow this messiah to leave.”

Netflix's upcoming series 'Messiah' comes under fire: Here what happened!
Netflix’s upcoming series ‘Messiah’ comes under fire: Here what happened!

The show brings a TV perspective to a story that reveals a story that people think is evil. The CIA official, played by Michelle Monaghan, is in the process of dismissing a man who claims to be the Son of God, which is a theory that Muslims see as a coming reality.

#Dajjal’s tendency on Twitter shocked the public with a few tweets about his terrible nature.

One tweet stated that the new series, called “Messiah”, will be boycotted and ‘I am looking for educational purposes’ as a pretext for Islamic discourses with facts and facts #Dajjal.

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Another commented on the CIA’s involvement in this spin theory, saying, “Netflix loves how Netflix thinks the US is taking over #Alladjul, and makes #Dajjal” question him.”

The truth behind the existence of God combined with the deceptive con artist idea engulfed in Islamic ecology may not be the right way to attract a diverse audience of Netflix.

A petition on to boycott Netflix and ‘Messiah’ has led to over 3,000 signatures. In the petition, “Muslims do not believe in the Antichrist alone. The matter is so sensitive and so inaccurate that the audience forgets that the matter is not a joke.”


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