New Algae based Bioreactor Harnesses To absorb Carbon Dioxide- more details inside


Climatic change, global warming, air pollution, are words that have become extremely common in our lives but how many people actually do something about it? CO2 emission has become a part of our daily life which cannot be changed but at least due to its growing effect people have started becoming more conscious and aware of the problem.

Greenhouse gases, in particular, are the cause of most of the climatic changes and problems. One of the major contributors of greenhouse gases is CO2 that comprising of 72% of the total in comparison with methane that comprises 18% and nitrous oxide with 9%, which clearly proves CO2 to be a biggest causing agent.

The rate of CO2 emissions has increased to 400% since the year 1950 and has only been on the rise showing no signs of slowing down. Hypergiant Industries, a company working with Artificial Intelligence in Austin, Texas has come up with an innovation in order to solve this major environmental issue using the process called biosequestration. 

New Algae based Bioreactor Harnesses To absorb Carbon Dioxide- more details inside

Biosequestration is a process that stores CO2 in biological conditions and treats them just like plants do to convert CO2 into Oxygen using Sun’s energy. Hypergiant has combined the power of AI with Algae, the water plant seen building a thin green layer on water bodies that photosynthesis. The company claims the Eos bioreactor will bring revolutionary changes in and across cities with high CO2 emission rates making them truly smart cities with artificially produced fresh and clean air or more specifically oxygen.

The prototype of the portable bioreactor of the size 3 ft X 3 ft X 7 ft has been proven to be 400 times more efficient than trees. Algae produce Oxygen and require CO2, light, and water to grow in numbers and make more algae which in turn will produce a lot more oxygen- the bioreactor is based on this idea.


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