New app to help customers monitor their account on “Lucky Mobiles”


Lucky mobiles are a Canadian based shop that was founded in 2017. It basically deals with mobile virtual network operators. There are various android applications available on the play store that is offered by Lucky Mobiles. One of these is the My Account app. This app helps customers to monitor their accounts that’s why people are getting attracted to this app and causing a lot of promotions for them in a very efficient manner.

It is a convenient way to manage your account at any time and anywhere right by your phone. There are various functionalities provided. Firstly, you can check your balance. Secondly, you can monitor your usage. Moreover, you can top up your account and manage your Add-ons.

New app to help customers monitor their account on "Lucky Mobiles"
New app to help customers monitor their account on “Lucky Mobiles”

The best part is that this app is freely available and you do not require an internet connection to operate it. Yes! Heard it right it’s free and doesn’t require the internet and this thing makes it unique from the rest.

The pre-requisites you need to have to use this app are a smartphone to download this application, an android with version Android 6.0 or higher and I-phone with version IOS 9.0 or higher. You must have a valid lucky mobile account.

You can register for automatic top-ups and you can avail amazing bonus with this app. You can use the top-up cards for shopping purposes. You can enjoy various services available in the lucky mobile shop.

You do not need any user-name or password to access this app. As you are a lucky mobile customer, this will recognize you with the assistance of your mobile number and what else do you want from an application?

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There is a self-serve option in the app in which you can add on functionality that you want the app to implement but the app is not currently giving.


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