New ‘Ass’ Movie Coming in 2021, the Crew’s First Film Since Ryan Dunn’s Death


Axus 3D (known as Jackass 3 on home media) may be a 2010 American 3D adult comedy film and therefore the third film within the Jackass film series. It had been directed by Jenny Tremaine, produced with Johnny Knoxville and Spike Johnsey.

The film stars Johnny Knoxville, Bomb Margera, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, Jason “We Man” Acuna, Preston Lacy, Chris Pontius, Irene McGee, and Dave Stars.

Paramount Pictures released the film in US theatres on October 15, 2010, and marked the 10th anniversary of the franchise, which debuted in 2000.

Jackass 3D grossed $ 171.7 million on a $ 20 million budget. The Blu-ray & DVD versions of Jackass were released (March 8, 2011), in three different versions.

New 'Ass' Movie Coming in 2021, the Crew's First Film Since Ryan Dunn's Death
New ‘Ass’ Movie Coming in 2021, the Crew’s First Film Since Ryan Dunn’s Death

A sequel called Jackass 3.5 was released on June 13, 2011. In December 2019, Paramount announced that the fourth Jackass film was to be released in March 2021. The fourth Jackass film has been confirmed by Paramount Pictures for March 5, 2021.

The show, which first appeared as a series on MTV, was produced by Spike Johns, Johnny Knoxville, and Jeff Tremain, with their ridiculous and sometimes pointless and sometimes former skaters, circus performers, and therefore the usual never.

The to-wells gang was involved. Performed exceptionally dangerous Stunt. Along with Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Aren McGehee, Jason ‘We Man’ Acuna and Preston Lisi, he made three films – last in 3D – grossing over $ 335 million. Box office.

Jack’s Present: Bad Grandpa, in which Knoxville reprized his role as a prostitute-laden pensioner from Irving Geisman’s series, landed in 2013 and earned an Oscar nomination for makeup.

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Like last year, Jason Acuna said that a fourth film was ‘not being made’, but seems to possess changed hearts. This will be the primary Jackass film since the tragic death of Jackass member Ryan Dunn in 2011, who died during a car accident.

Dunn, and production assistant Zachary Hartwell on the second Jax Movie, were both killed when Dunn’s Porsche 911 GT left the road and crashed into a tree in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

According to the accident report, he was twice the legal limit for alcohol and was driving at a speed of 140 mph at the time of the accident.


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