New Lenovo smart clock With Google Assistant: Review and Details


For tech companies, it’s not enough that many of us now fall asleep with our smartphones next to us, then reach to grab our phones yet again immediately after opening our eyes.

They want us to have as many touchpoints in our lives as possible, an infinite number of ways in which we might interact with their products and services.

So now they’re coming for our bedsides. The new Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant serves as a perfect example of this. Today, we tell you everything you need to know about the newest smart clock on the market.

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It’s the little things 

Along with Google’s Home Hub, Amazon’s new Echo Show 5, and the two-year-old Echo Spot, the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant is about the best things we can get our hands-on.

New Lenovo smart clock With Google Assistant: Review and Details
New Lenovo smart clock With Google Assistant: Review and Details

All of these products are small enough to live on a bedside table, just inches from where you lay your head at night. The companies say these little devices with screens could go anywhere; on a kitchen counter, in your home office.

But they lend themselves particularly well to the space that exists between slumber and stumbling into the shower each morning. They show you your calendar, tell you the weather, play snippets of news, and, oh yes, blare loud noises into your brain if that’s what gets you going in the morning.

Affordability at your fingertips 

The Lenovo Smart Clock is the most affordable of the bunch at $80. It’s also more limited than some of the others, though, particularly the $129 Google Home Hub.

Even though it doesn’t act as a digital photo frame, the Lenovo Smart Clock is still a nicely designed, simple expression of Google Assistant in an alarm clock. It weighs less than a pound and has a heather gray fabric cover that softens what might otherwise be hard edges.

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Best for last

Most notably, the Lenovo Smart Clock doesn’t have a camera. It does have two far-field microphones for hearing the “OK Google” wake phrase and the queries that follow it, and those mics can be muted with a physical button. It also has a single, three-watt speaker for yapping back to you or for playing audio.


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