New Microsoft Flight Simulator Launched Without VR Mode

New Microsoft Flight Simulator Launched Without VR Mode
New Microsoft Flight Simulator Launched Without VR Mode

Microsoft’s coming new flight simulator will not be supporting VR at launch, said a YouTuber who was allowed to get hands-on access at a Microsoft conducted event.

However, Microsoft apparently mentioned to the YouTuber, Pete Wright, that it would “possibly” come later on, as “kind of like a longer-term goal”.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was revealed at E3 2019, for Windows 10 and Xbox One. It functions using ultra-high resolution aerial imagery from Bing Maps.

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Machine learning technology in Microsoft’s Azure cloud creates 3D scenery from these pictures on a global scale. The sim will work without the internet too, but the world will be much less detailed.

New Microsoft Flight Simulator Launched Without VR Mode
New Microsoft Flight Simulator Launched Without VR Mode

It is well known that as PC gaming bloomed, going to become home to a lot of things from fierce shooters to arthouse narrative games, Flight Simulator’s star began to dwindle.

The last significant release was 2006’s Microsoft Flight Simulator X ultimately revamped and repackaged for Steam in 2014), while 2012’s minimalist spin-off, Microsoft Flight, had a wretched take-off, canceled a mere five months after launch. The golden age of flight (simulators) has long been finished.

This was before its surprise appearance at the E3 as mentioned above. It was revealed during the Xbox conference, for Xbox consoles as well as its more popular PC home.

The franchise’s immediate reappearance was very well-received, but even Microsoft’s head of Xbox Phil Spencer wasn’t sure about releasing a flight sim alongside the likes of Gears of War and Forza.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator is definitely cutting-edge and symbolizes the next generation of flight sims. The fact that it will not be available on VR any time soon will be a bit saddening to many.

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In the meanwhile, fans seeking an alternative VR flight sim trial can check our Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) and AeroFly FS2 on Steam. There is also the VTOL VR that has been created from the ground up specifically for virtual reality experience.


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