New Pot-Ready Meals by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

New Pot-Ready Meals by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
New Pot-Ready Meals by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Instant Pots will be needed if you hate hovering over a stove. But thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, your Instant Pot meal preparation simply became even a lot of economical.

The couple helped to launch Tiller & Hatch provide Co., the primary frozen meal specifically supposed for pressure cookers.

Lo and A. Rod partnered with brand developer Lanched.LA to create Tiller & Hatch, which launched with eight different meals.

New Pot-Ready Meals by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
New Pot-Ready Meals by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

The pasta, soups, and stews include promising options like farfalle with marinara and ground turkey and Cajun-style chicken stew with pork andouille sausage.

Each bag will feed up to four individuals or leave you with a pile of leftovers. The best part? Each meal contains a preparation time that does not exceed eleven minutes.

“This is associate degree possibility we have a tendency to want had been accessible to our families growing up,” Rodriguez mentioned during an announcement regarding the launch. “We square measure committed, like Tiller & Hatch, to doing good.

This partnership offers the North American nations the chance to produce cheap and alimental meals to families across America whereas creating vital charitable contributions to shelters and food-based charities across the country.”

In case the thought of merchandising a meal into your Instant Pot with some water does not sound convenient enough, you’ll also be able to sign up for a Tiller & Hatch delivery subscription.

The company offers three delivery plans: $60 for four bags every two weeks, $87 for six bags every two weeks, or $114 for eight bags every two weeks.

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If Tiller & Hatch’s current offerings don’t suit your dietary needs (they all contain meat, for one thing), the brand will soon have you covered: “In the near future, Tiller & Hatch will supply organic meals and choices for specific dietary lifestyles like feeder and Paleo diets,” reads a press release about the launch.

No word on whether or not there’ll be a no-carb possibility in honor of J-Rod.

If you are already mentally clearing outhouse in your deep freezer, you’ll conclude a lot of regarding the meals at

Just don’t forget to say a mental thank you to J. Lo and A. Rod before every freezer-to-pressure-cooker meal.


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