New “Season Of The Hunt”- Next week by “Black Desert Online”- what’s new in the game?


Pearl Abyss has declared this week that the “Season Of The Hunt” will come back to Black Desert Online this year, starting off on September 25th. We have the entire list of events for you here as you will be able to participate in a couple of boost events, special challenges, decline events, and events linked to campaigns.

Basically, the next month of the game is going to be a mad time to get your character up aa limited levels and grab some nifty gear. All of the best to you all in the hunt.

The event will start off with a Trina Knights First Captains Support Kit which is a 7-days giveaway for high-level participants.

This kit enables players to encounter their high tier weapons and accessories. Eligible players (LVL 56 and level 58) will be eligible to claim the kit between the 25th of September till the 23rd of October (before that day’s maintenance).

New "Season Of The Hunt”- Next week by “Black Desert Online"- what's new in the game?
New “Season Of The Hunt”- Next week by “Black Desert Online”- what’s new in the game?

Fever Time Boost will also begin on the 25th of September providing all Black Desert Online players up to +200% Combat EXP and +30% Skill EXP gain.

This substantial boost will assist players to level-up rapidly than ever before. Suitable for those who want to balance their acts. This buff will be accessible starting from the 25th of September till the 8th of October.

Special Challenges will be accessible throughout the initial two weeks of the event duration which awards players for playing Black Desert Online for aa specific time duration.

Adventurers can gather unique things like Event High-Quality Draft Box, Event Extra Combat EXP Scroll, Event High-Quality Food Box, and Event Item Collection Increase Scrolls.

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A World Boss Drop Rate Boost will also be effective in the initial two weeks of Season of the Hunt which will make twice as much the drop rate of wanted Boss items from Garmoth, Vell, Kzarka, Never, Kutum, Offin Tett, and Kannada.


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