New Solidarity Initiative Of the RBR Sport Baseball Academy


Maracay is home to the RBR Sports Baseball Academy and is one of the leading locations for sports programs focused on developing potential baseball players in Venezuela.

We often hear stories of young sports children who have the potential to be great but due to lack of financial aid end up switching to generic careers simply to pay the bills and to push their dreams aside. This is not the life we want for our children, and unfortunately, it is happening more often than not.

But a change is happening.

The name to know

 Creator and founder extraordinaire, Raymond Blake, alongside his partners David Faraco Heredia and Amado Faraco, have set up a sports initiative and facility whereby 11-year-old baseball potentials are trained and developed to bring out the best of their natural talents.

Baseball is a sport that young athletes strive to be a part of in Venezuela and now they have the opportunity to reach their potential, fulfill their dreams, and build the life they have dreamed of for so long as a child with the innovative concept of Raymond Blake.

Industry leaders in all fields may make a name for themselves, but to be one step ahead you need to do more, and this is why the Academia de Beisbol RBR Sport is taking Venezuela by storm and soon the concept will filter around the globe so that no child may be left at a disadvantage. The league of baseball is competitive and filled with great sportsman, and Raymond Blake joined by David Faraco Heredia and Amado Faraco is making it possible for the up-and-coming generation to be part of it.

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The details behind the idea

 There are many communities around the globe that barely make ends meet and families are under financial strain from month to month, which is why this solidarity initiative takes the weight off the parent’s shoulders and provides everything the athlete will need as a sponsorship.

Not only are they provided accommodation and a dietary-focused nutritional eating plan, but on-site physicians and psychologists maintain and regulate the well-being of the children’s physical and mental health.

Training in well-equipped facilities with the proper equipment is half the job done when it comes to honing and refining your skills and talents, David Faraco Heredia has seen to it that all equipment is provided, and thus the players can focus on techniques and training rather than being ill-equipped and worrying something may break.

The kids have the chance to be more than they ever thought possible, and if building our future generation to be sports role models and even entrepreneurs based on their experiences, then what are we doing wrong? Building a better, brighter future begins by growing and developing the up-and-coming potential, and this solidarity initiative of the RBR Sports Academy is paving the future.


 The old saying of the proof is in the pudding is just that, and rings true in this situation. Since the beginning of the program, there are already 15 potential greats that have been taken on board and who are training hard daily with coaches and councilors, and one that has stood out is a young player by the name of Yeison Oviedo.

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Yeison has shown significant potential to make baseball his professional career and in doing so has been signed for the 2024 season after being seen in 2021 with his outstanding baseball performance and play. Not only has allowed him the opportunity to take his love for the sport to the next level and further, but he has a promising future that he otherwise would never have had if this program was not developed and created.

Preparing the youth for the future is one thing, but when they have the advantages of doing so with their love for something, all the better. The future of baseball is bright and Maracay is leading the way.

Developing the future

 Education is something you can never have enough of, there is always something new to learn, discover, and embark on an adventure with, and this solidarity initiative of the RBR Sports Baseball Academy is showing us that not only can you get an education but you don’t need to sacrifice your love for the sport to do so.

You can have it all, and don’t you deserve it? As a kid with dreams, we as parents have the responsibility to give them everything possible to be the best versions of themselves they can be, and what better way than a professional sports academy focused on training the talent of the country.

Our future is not always star-filled or what we imagined, but for these athletes, it could be. The future of baseball and the RBR Sports Baseball Academy is making dreams become a reality.


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