New SoulCalibur VI DLC Character is Confirmed- “HILDE”

New SoulCalibur VI DLC Character is Confirmed-
New SoulCalibur VI DLC Character is Confirmed- "HILDE"

Hilde is part of SoulCalibur VI’s second season pass, but a release date is to be confirmed for her. In the reveal trailer, you can see how she takes on different opponents, using both sword and pole to hit from afar and close range.

After the outcry about SoulCalibur V’s story mode, Bandai Namco has seen fit to neuter, not one but two story modes this time out.

The main mission structure sees you create your own character who then trundles through a batch of fights in the hope of staving off the evil within him, possibly by choosing, or not choosing the right sword gasp.

New SoulCalibur VI DLC Character is Confirmed- "HILDE"
New SoulCalibur VI DLC Character is Confirmed- “HILDE”

All you’re actually doing is playing using one of the main character’s fighting styles with a relatively generic skin stuck on top of it bald Siegfried right here and it makes little sense when you’ve got a roster of loved and well-rounded characters just sitting about in the wings.

No matter which of the story modes you’re playing the other one is the most drawn out and boring attempt at re-telling the SoulCalibur storyline from different perspectives there’s a lot of still imagery and talking heads for you to look at.

Some of this still artwork can be quite attractive, but really it does the game, and the series, a huge disservice by being interminably dull, and you’ll be furiously clicking away hoping for the next battle to appear.

The only thing of use here is the battle tutorial which is squirreled away in Drona’s Dojo.

Returning players will find that the fundamentals of SoulCalibur’s sword combat have barely changed, with horizontal and vertical attacks backed up by the odd swift kick to the unspeakable.

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Layered on top of that are the powerful Critical Edge specials that use up your gauge, as well as Soul Charges that empower your character and open a bunch of extra moves.


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