New Wearable Device To Predict useful Health

New Wearable Device To Predict useful Health
New Wearable Device To Predict useful Health

Technology is revolutionizing by the minutes. Of course, we are glad about it. Improvement in technology aids multiple industries, especially the medical industry.

One such innovation in recent times is the wearable devices or accelerometer. These devices can be worn like watches and help one measure the duration of physical activity.

However, the news does not end there. This new innovation can be very efficient in estimating the five-year Health risk for the elderly.

As per the Johns Hopkins Medicine, it is better than all traditional health techniques known so far.

New Wearable Device To Predict useful Health
New Wearable Device To Predict useful Health

Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey have been used where 33 predictors of five years of overall health indicator have been used.

To get more information, 3000 elderly aged between 50 to 85 years were asked to wear the device around their hips for 30 days.

The individual data were influenced by socioeconomic, demographic, and health conditions. Additionally, medical information about the participants was also gathered for the study.

These wearable devices can make a great deal of contribution to the field of oncology. Generally, most cancer patients require frequent visits to the health center for a check-up.

Additionally, even during the most intensive care, which is chemotherapy, patients are generally home away from the doctors and medical facilities.

Wearable devices can help such patients. It is possible for the doctors to monitor the patient’s health even during critical phases of chemotherapy, making it easy for people to opt for remote health care.

Using this technology, it is possible for health caregivers to analyze the objective data and patient given information so as to make informed decisions.

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Mobile wearable devices can also be made a part of clinical trials to gather exact and frequent data. This will enhance the quality of the study design, thereby improving the clinical merits of the therapies.

God bless technology, and may he pave the way for more such innovation. Though humans can’t be immortals, such innovations surely guarantee a better life.


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