Newly added ‘MARQ Commander luxury tool to Garmin watch lineup- Details inside


Garmin International, Inc., today declared the MARQ Commander, an amenity modern equipment watch with built-in topographical diagrams and tactical purposes.

This bonus crafted tool watch captions a stealth matte aim with a tritone jacquard-weave clasp and a purpose crafted domed sapphire lens with a permanent -on display, optimized for night vision goggle reference.

The MARQ Commander is the newest style in Garmin’s exhibition of MARQ watches, a sequel of tremendous smart tools and nicely crafted timepieces, true in every element.

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Dan Bartel who is the Garmin vice president of global consumer sales said that when they first declared the MARQ collection, they made sure each watch would proceed to fuel their customer’s passions and indicate their lifestyle and they were excited to add MARQ Commander into the list.

Newly added 'MARQ Commander luxury tool to Garmin watch lineup- Details inside
Newly added ‘MARQ Commander luxury tool to Garmin watch lineup- Details inside

MARQ Commander is a tactical new tool watch designed for those who need a watch they can depend on with software for the objective at hand and a rugged layout.

The MARQ Commander stars a brand-new kill shift function that when generated, clears the individual memory.

Users can encourage stealth mode, which halts storing and sharing GPS stance and disables wireless connectivity and transmission.

It is loaded in advance with topographic mapping and developed navigation features, which encompasses a barometric altimeter, compass and numerous Global Navigation Satellite Systems assist and possesses dual-format GPS coordinates and a UTC bezel for unparalleled situational understanding.

Other features comprise a unique dual-position mode, which on the other hand display two sets of coordinate networks on one data screen, Jumpmaster, tactical action profiles, and waypoint prediction.

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The watches in the MARQ exhibition are built with a goal in both form and function, and MARQ Commander is no oddity.

Each watch is assembled with titanium, which is lightweight, yet extremely strong for elevated performance in all activities and is established with sapphire crystal, shaped under extreme heat and pressure, to establish a durable lens.


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