Nikki Bella | Even the strongest women come from a sexually abusive past!

Nikki Bella
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Physical Abuse is not excusable in any case. Nikki Bella who started her WWE career in September 2007 opened about her horrifying past of physical abuse. Being a victim of outrage of one of her friends at the age of 15, Nikki Bella had encountered sexual assault in her teenage years. To begin with, Nikki Bella has a twin sister named Brie Bella who is also a wrestler. 

Recently, The Bella Twins wrote their memoir called “Incomparable.” Although, the fans were expecting an inspiring story of the twins’ sisters well-known in WWE. But, they, unfortunately, come across the saddening part of Nikki Bella’s past, I .e.., her teenage years. Without a doubt, the horrifying story of Nikka Bella broke the hearts of millions of her fans, yet, she is attaining appraisal for talking about the worst memory of her life which many pretend to forget after such a level of fame. 

What led to the authorizing of “Incomparable” by The Bella Twins?

To begin with, Brie and Nikki Bella are identical twins. No doubt, both built independent careers in WWE and even fought against each other in the ring. Yet, the twins confessed to the fact that they unwantedly live in each other’s shade. To summarize, they desire for independent identification in the world where the personalities of both sisters stand out. 

But, to the readers of Incomparable, the painful past of the Bella Twins comes out as a shock. Why? Let’s see!

Nikki Bella raped twice at the age of 15

As astonishing as teenage life sounds, the story of many teenage girls being raped, abused, molested in public, abducted, and much more still comes out in the news in 2020. Well! I guess the world has not changed its view of teen girls for centuries. In the book called Incomparable, Nikki Bella told her story of being raped 2 times when she was 15. According to Nikki Bella, the WWE champion, she at that time felt ashamed and did not open up this unfortunate event to anyone. 

The world manipulates women to think that “rape” is their fault. Similarly, Nikki also blamed herself. To begin with, at the age of 15, a close friend of hers raped her. Not long after that first rape, she at the age of 16 became a victim at the hands of a college student. She then was drugged and raped. 

Not only Nikki Bella, but her sister Brie also comes from a traumatized past. To begin with, Brie Bella was in love with a guy of or around her age. However, she lost him in an accident. Thus, this unfortunate event left Brie broke from the inside and further, traumatized. 

But, the good part is even though both sisters were fighting their own battles alone, they found strength with each other. It is noteworthy to mention that the cause of “The Bella Twins” mental health was a problem rooting long before the events. The sister had to go through their father’s substance abuse issues which impacted their mental health at an unfortunate level. 

But, according to the sisters, regular therapy helps them to move forward in life. 

In the words of Nikki Bella and Brie Bella…

Nikki inspired teenage girls of the modern age by saying “ I’m having these younger women look up to me, maybe I can help them and have them not hold on to this as long as I did.”

Brie says “Nicole and I was so lucky that we’re always categorized as being strong women. And a lot of that comes from WWE, being professional wrestlers, being women in a male-dominated industry. Last seven years you did get to see our lives on television. But my sister and I thought it was important to write a memoir that let people know that it wasn’t just wrestling that defined us as strong women. It was our childhood.”


Thus, it goes without saying that whatsoever happens in life, a door of strength always opens. And, for girls, women, and ladies and even men, who go through any kind of sexual or physical abuse must not blame themselves for the cause. The world we live in has become a terrifying place. However, with a little bit of strength and awareness, we can protect the upcoming generation of men and women from this darker side of the world. 

In the words of Nicole Bella “You can overcome this. You can be strong, you can be empowering, you can be free of your past. And that’s what made us want to do it, was honestly to help others.”



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