Nikolas Ajagu: Everything you need to know about Meena Harris’s love interest

Nikolas Ajagu
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When it comes to asking what’s above Hollywood? We would say that it’s politics. That’s right! Unlike Hollywood, in politics, the relatives of politicians and position holders also get all the spotlight from the media. A very simple example is Meena Harris and her husband, Nikolas Ajagu.

Nikolas Ajagu
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To the reader’s surprise, thanks to all the political attention, Meena Harris is quite famous on Instagram, and recently her pictures of celebrating Christmas with her husband Nikolas went viral. Without a doubt, Nikolas Ajagu is a variety of cute and handsome men in a single shake. But, above that, do you know other facts about Nikolas Ajagu? Well! If not, then you are on the upright platform because today, we brought you a brief reading on Mr Ajagu and his wife, Meena Harris. So, without any further ado, let’s get started: 

Who is Nikolas Ajagu? 

More often than not, in the media, Nikolas Ajagu is presented as Meena Harris’s husband. But, do you know? Nikolas Ajagu is quite successful in his career. According to the latest research, Mr Nikolas works at Facebook Incorporation as Global Head of Partnership.

Not only this, but according to further research, it has been revealed that Mr Ajagu takes quite a high interest in crafting wine and has a fine taste for alcohol. Henceforth, he has also launched a wine company named Code and Canvas. Rumours are, the couple is soon adding another wine company to their business by the name “Barrel & Ink.”

Nikolas Ajagu sounds like an interesting man, both by intellect and creativeness, right? 

What is Nikolas Ajagu’s age?

Born in 1984, Nikolas Ajagu, husband of Meena Harris, turned 37 this year. In comparison, Meena Harris is also 1984 born. Henceforth, she is also 37 years old. Thus, no doubt that the couple is simply a match from heaven. 

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On several occasions, Meena Harris uploads pictures with their Husband Nikolas Ajagu on their Instagram profile. You can check their family pictures right there. 

Why are Nikolas Ajagu and Meena Harris famous? 

To begin with, the credit of Nikolas Ajagu’s popularity goes to his wife, Meena Harris or Meenakshi Ashley Harris, who is the close niece of Kamala Harris, a.k.a. The Vice president of the United States. On the other hand, Maya Harris, Meena Harris’s birth mother, is also an Author and an American Lawyer by reputation. Currently, Meena Harris is running in the footsteps of her mother. She has pursued a career in law as well as written a children’s storybook called “Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea.” 

Whereas, as mentioned before, Nikolas works at Facebook Advertising Company which comes under Facebook Incorporation. Apart from this, he has also pursued the wine crafting business in the past few years. 

Nikolas Ajagu
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To the reader’s surprise, because of Meena’s Harris unreasonable popularity, she has received crooked smiles from white-collar lawyers of repute in America several times. According to the controversy, Meena Harris was told during a public event by white house lawyers to stop using “Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris’s name” to get her way and build a brand. 

Not only this, but Nikolas Ajagu’s wife Meena Harris also received a strict warning from the lawyers of White House that she will no longer engage in selling clothing brands by “Kamala Harris’s name” and not publish any books with her name in the content or the title. 

Meena Harris is collecting royalties on Aunt’s name

In the former year, there have been many incidents from Nikolas Ajagu’s wife’s side that have frustrated White House’s lawyers to no end. According to insight, there was a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris inauguration where Meena Harris entered unannounced on a private jet and brought a Biden donor as well to the campaign. It is rather challenging to understand whether Meena Harris is struggling to build her name in the Author’s market or is it just silliness? Although, on many big events, Nikolas Ajagu is barely on Meena Harris’s side in public. The couple’s Instagram profile pictures a perfect marriage, though. 

Not only this, but during a farmer protest in India, Meena Harris went on a ranting spree about the Indian Government on Twitter, where politicians have a bigger audience. There is no indecision that in the past few years, the Indian Government and the US Government have come close to working together in difficult times, especially during COVID-19. Thus, Meena’s ranting on Twitter about the Indian Government torturing farmers pissed the White House lawyers to no end, it seems. 

Nikolas Ajagu
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However, the story of Meena Harris does not end here. Because, during the Navratri Festival season in India, Meena Harris took another insensitive tweet and threw it on her timeline. According to the tweet, it was depicting Kamala Harris as Durga, the Goddess. But that’s not it. Because, in the picture, Goddess Durga was attacking the enemy Donald Trump

According to Twitterati’s point of view, Meena Harris was trying to use her Hindu-based status in the USA to collect votes for aunt Kamala Harris from the USA’s Hindu Committees. But, it turns out, it was tagged “offensive” at all levels. 

What is Nikolas Ajagu Net Worth?

With so much to talk about Nikolas Ajagu’s wife, Meena Harris – he has lost all the spotlight he deserves, though. In 2021, Nikolas Ajagu’s estimated net worth has increased from $1.5 million to $2 Million in total. Unlike Meena Harris, who is a writer, Author, lawyer, and founder of the Woman action campaign, Nikolas is a daily employee at Facebook Inc. 

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In comparison, Meena Harris Net Worth 2021 is only $1 Million. Apart from that, Meena Harris and their husband, Nikolas Ajagu, seem to have an interest in entering politics. Because Meena’s family involves Tony West, USA Assistant Attorney General, who is also her stepfather. The identity of her biological father has concealed to the public. 

Meena Harris and Nikolas’s love story

No matter how many controversies concerning Meena come ahead. However, both Nikolas Ajagu and Meena seem to have settled with each other after marriage. The couple also has children Amara and Leela (twins). Here’s a fun fact: do you know? Nikolas and Meena are old-school sweethearts. They have been in a romantic alliance since their first workplace, where they fell in love. Both parted ways when it came to a career. But, all seemed to work out. 


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  1. Who is Nikolas Ajagu? 

A. Nikolas Ajagu is an entrepreneur, former Facebook executive, and co-founder of Barrel & Ink and Code & Canvas.

2. How old is Nikolas Ajagu? 

A. Nikolas Ajagu is 37 years old as of 2023. He was born on January 12, 1986.

3. How did Nikolas Ajagu and Meena Harris meet? 

A. Nikolas Ajagu and Meena Harris met while working in the tech industry in San Francisco. They started dating in 2007 and got married in 2014.

4. What did Nikolas Ajagu do at Facebook? 

A. Nikolas Ajagu worked at Facebook from 2007 to 2021. He held various positions, such as monetization campaign manager, head of North American advertising operations, head of media solutions Americas, and global head of partnerships.

5. What are Nikolas Ajagu’s other ventures? 

A. Nikolas Ajagu co-founded Barrel & Ink, a platform that connects winemakers and designers to create unique wines, and Code & Canvas, a co-working space for artists and entrepreneurs. He also served as an investment advisor for Ecosystem Ventures, a venture capital firm.


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