Nintendo Just Revealed The Switch Lite’s Best Upgrade


Dedicated to handheld gameplay, the Nintendo Switch Lite is all about offering a pleasant on the go game feasibility. Set to launch on September 20, 2019, the portable gaming system just came out with the best upgrade we could ask for, and trust us when we say, we’re more than satisfied. Introducing a snap-on case with a flip cover for protecting the console’s screen and joysticks, the popular multinational consumer electronics, and video game company has simply outdone itself. Let’s learn more about its upcoming product and its functionalities. 


Gaming on the go 

Since its initial developments, Nintendo has regarded its newest device the Nintendo Switch Lite to be the ultimate handheld portable gaming console. With integrated controls and stylish sleek design, the device leaves no doubt on its way to becoming a mega-hit in the market. Though the Switch Lite will not support video output to TV, unlike its predecessor, the device will surely still be the bang for your buck. 

What it’s worth 

At the moment, the Nintendo Switch Lite is expected to retail around $200 upon its release on September 20, 2019, just in time for the holiday season. The handheld console will be available in turquoise, gray and yellow models and will also come with a screen protector and protective case as well. 

The multitude of features made for you 

Strictly handheld, the Nintendo Switch Lite is integrated with a battery life that will supposedly last for around 7 hours, making it the perfect pick for long journeys and even for your daily commutes. In addition to it being handheld, the console also supports external hardware such as a wireless Joy-Con controller and more. It also comes with HD rumble, IR Motion Camera and Joy-Con motion sensors all designed for the purpose of your gaming comfort. 

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