Nintendo Switch: Free Demo Released For Critically-Acclaimed Game


Can’t wait to try out Ori and the Blind Forest for Nintendo Switch? Don’t worry, you can get your hands on Moon Studios’ fantastic 2D platformer even before it comes out. The game will be released as a demo will be tomorrow on NintendoEshop.

The news broke out from Nintendo, which posted the usual post about the weekly releases on the eShop of the hybrid console. The demo can be installed starting from 6.00 pm (GMT +2), but at the moment the contents that will be included are not yet disclosed.

Today, the Nintendo-Switch Lite released into the wild. And today, Nintendo also released a free new demo for a critically-acclaimed game that all and every Nintendo Switch owners can download now and try out with no strings attached.

Nintendo Switch: Free Demo Released For Critically-Acclaimed Game
Nintendo Switch: Free Demo Released For Critically-Acclaimed Game

So, what game can Nintendo-Switch players try out for free… Well, it’s Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, which, as you may know, isn’t available on the system yet. However, the game is now available for the pre-purchase on the Nintendo Switch e-Shop.

The release of the full game (in definitive edition), instead, is set for next September 27th. Several technical details have already revealed: the title will be available at 1080p resolution in home mode, and at 720p resolution in Flexi mode.

In both versions, it will offer a 60fps framerate. The weight of the game files will come with a total of 4GB and Xbox Achievement will also be supported, for which an Xbox Live account is needed

The Switch version also hosts all the Definitive Edition extra content, which also has two new abilities, new areas to explore, along with Fast travel. Unlike Cuphead though, it looks like Moon Studios didn’t come with an Xbox Live functionality like achievements to this Switch version.

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Ori and the Blind Forest won’t be the final Xbox Game Studios title as New Super Lucky’s Tale, a new version of the 3D platformer video game will be out on Switch on November 8.


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