Nintendo Switch : SNES controller is now available for an exclusive group


As per the latest report, Nintendo Switch’s wireless retro SNES controller is now available for purchase, but only for an exclusive group.

If at all you were patiently waiting for the excellent classic button to enjoy Nintendo Switch’s new exhibition of Super Nintendo Titles, then your delay has finally come to one-stop.

Nintendo has started to take order for the retro gamepad, the initial orders ship out on September 18th, but you need to be a Switch online member to earn this purchase. Just like last year’s wireless NES gamepad, Nintendo lets you make this purchase only if you are one of the switch online members already spending the $20 per year / $4 per month subscription fee.

This retro SNES gamepad, formulated in an old school manner would not enable you to play a lot of new games without joysticks and triggers.

Nintendo Switch : SNES controller is now available for an exclusive group
Nintendo Switch : SNES controller is now available for an exclusive group

This was what was found out last year in NES wireless gamepad, but on the other side, unlike last year you do not have to buy a set of two gamepads for $60 set price, you could earn these retro SNES gamepads for $29.99 per piece with a purchasing extent of 4 gamepads per customer.

The gamepad is a scant modernization of the pastel-colored traditional controller with USB-C charging and a wireless connection. But there is this more costly option that is there in the market which is The 8bitdo SF30 / SN30 Pro which is priced at $45 apiece.

The 8bitdo is an advanced SNES controller with more than sufficient buttons and joysticks to play any switch game. The controllers also match up with Windows, macOS, and Android, so overall, it is a pretty cool controller.

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Of course, the official wireless SNES controller is not the only one for the Switch. Apart from Nintendo’s personal Pro controller, there also exist third-party controllers that give both – a classic appearance as well as more developed features. Those, obviously, are priced for more than this SNES controller.


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