Nintendo Switch to get new bendable Joy-Cons.

Nintendo Switch to get new bendable Joy-Cons.
Nintendo Switch to get new bendable Joy-Cons.

Nintendo appears to be coming up with AN all-new set of Joy-Con controllers for its hugely-successful Nintendo Switch console which will bend and flex while not harm. The pliable controllers seem during a new patent filed by the Japanese play company.

According to the written document, the controllers would flex at the halfway purpose to permit gamers to bend them into a lot of applied science form throughout gameplay.

Of course, this is able to work whereas the controllers were connected to the console for gameplay on-the-move yet as once taking part in on the massive screen, with the Joy-Cons detached and control in every hand, or within the Switch Charging Grip.

Nintendo Switch to get new bendable Joy-Cons.
Nintendo Switch to get new bendable Joy-Cons.

Best Nintendo Switch deals the patent was unearthed by the eagle-eyed folks over at Dutch technology blog Lets Go Digital. The Nintendo Switch professional controller launched aboard the console incorporates a lot of applied science style, with a curve designed to suit well in players’ hands throughout long play sessions.

In comparison, the Joy-Cons area unit extraordinarily flat and do not supply abundant within the manner of biotechnology – like Nintendo’s transportable giving, including the 3DS XL, 2DS XL, and others.

Even the Wiimote, that was wont to management the Nintendo Wii and resembled a standard tv remote, had a curved indent for the trigger button on the back that helped it fit snuggly into the hand while playing.

As such, it makes heaps of sense for Nintendo to bring a lot of shapely, snug style to its feature-packed Joy-Con controllers. Unfortunately, it’s unclear when we’ll ever see these controllers hit the market.

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The US version of the international patent was published in February 2018. The latest update to the Nintendo Switch style was the launch of the Switch nonfat – a portable-only twist on the console that keeps the Joy-Cons firmly pasted to the aspect of the console, with no amendment to the biotechnology in the slightest degree.

Since then, Nintendo was quietly rolled out a new version of its Nintendo Switch with detachable controllers that have improved battery life.

However, there are numerous rumors of a significant upgrade – dubbed Nintendo Switch 2, or Switch Pro – with an edge-to-edge OLED touchscreen and a faster processor. Whether this long-rumored console could also see the launch of flexible Joy-Cons remains to be seen.


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