No Mercy in Mexico Video: Most horrendous crime captured on Camera

No Mercy in Mexico
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Mexico, in the words of many countries, is a third-world country. Without a doubt, it is also a dangerous one. The beauty of Mexico, at times, drowns in the sea of illegal businesses of all times. From big-time cartels to crime gangs, prostitution, Drug trafficking, and others are quite prominent. However, this reality is known to all countries in the world. But, the recently leaked No Mercy in Mexico video has frightened social media users all over the world to no end. 

Yes! You heard it right, the No Mercy in Mexico video leaked on the internet and mainstreamed on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, and other channels — today, we are going to answer all your questions about this Video. 

To begin with, since 1952, the origin of “Third Worlds,” according to Britishers and American politicians, Mexico has become the heart of the most horrendous crimes in the world. We are not saying, other countries are as good as the future. Indeed, countries like America are the heart of World Wars & serial killers, and immigration crimes. In comparison, India holds the highest crime rate in sexual assault against women. 

Yet, of course, you can consider Mexico to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The reason is that when it comes to Mexico, all crimes come in packages. The No Mercy in Mexico video is evidence of that. 

Are you also astonished by the horrendous act against two men in the No Mercy in Mexico video? If yes, you would want to know more. In particular, what did these two men do to get such horrendous acts performed on them? Let’s find out:

What is No Mercy in Mexico? 

To begin with, in 2018, Documenting reality brought across the No Mercy in Mexico video. However, the scene from the documentary did not get viral until the beginning of 2022. Today, this Video has reached out to every person’s social media feed. It doesn’t matter if you are using Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, telegram, Reddit, or whatnot. 

In the No Mercy in Mexico leaked Video, you can see two men are tied up with their hands in front. One of the men also had his mouth tied using a white piece of cloth. According to the audio content of the Video, users concluded that both men are indeed related. They are Father and Son. Further ahead, the people who are beating and torturing these men are indeed from the Police Gang. 

Yes! You heard it, right. Police (Cops) who are responsible for the safety of citizens are attending the unwatchable crime on Video. The Video has rather sent chills down the spine of many viewers. In just a scarce weeks, the Video has obtained over 1 million viewers on youtube. 

On April 4th, 2021, Plagued Moth, an elite YouTuber, uploaded this video on youtube, describing the contents of the Video. He titled it “The Guerrero Flaying | Death of A Father and Son.” 

The YouTuber also called the Video another NSFL Gore. What does this mean? According to the Wiki definition, NSFL is an internet term for “not safe for life.” Gore stands for the “act of shedding blood during violence against people.” 

No Mercy Video — Inside Details

For the most part, social media users who have viewed the Guerrero Flaying Video (No Mercy in Mexico video) are persistently arguing over — what did this violent crime happen in reality?

According to the Plagued Moth YouTuber, this violent crime against the Father and his son took place in Alpaca Ranch, a city. However, it’s just not a city. It is indeed a city that is owned by a member of the lost viagra cartel, as described by the YouTuber. 

Inside details also reveal that the Video is 100% true. That means the gore content of the Video indeed happened. This is not good news for the viewers. People are scared and also curious about the violent things that are happening in the country. 

Social media viewers, those who acknowledge the Spanish language, have theories about the story behind the No Mercy in Mexico leaked Video. Yet, of course, no one can confirm if their theories are true or not. It is one thing that is keeping social media viewers awake at night. After 1 year of leaked Video, the hole to find the truth is getting deeper and deeper. Nothing is coming out!

What is the real story of the Guerrero Flaying (No Mercy in Mexico) Video? 

As mentioned before, the complete truth about the Guerrero Flaying has not come out yet. Theories on the internet are flying high. Here are some theories you may hear from the people on the web: 

#1: Death of A Father and Son

One of the mainstream theories that is blowing on the internet is that those men who are beaten to death in the Video are related. They are Father and son. Inside details of this theory disclose that Father is a police Officer in Alpaca Ranch. He has been caught by the cartel for revenge or for not being on the side of the cartel. As a result, cartel men are hell-bent on taking the lives of both Father and Son in the most horrendous way possible. 

#2: Men are spies or informants 

The City Alpaca Ranch in Mexico is filled with criminal activities and cartels. Lost Viagra is one of the most elite cartels in this city. Indeed, the cartel owns the city, rumors speak. Social media users, via translating the content of the Video, are concluding that — 

The men in the Video are not the Father and son. They are two spies in Alpaca Ranch who belong to another cartel. It is also assumed that they may have gotten caught either spying or informing about inside details of the opposite cartel. Henceforth, they become the target of this horrendous death that no one deserves. 

#3: Police Gang is Goring Citizens/Cartel, members

In movies and dark tv shows, you may have watched how Police or Cops do justice by killing the cartel members and other criminals in the forest, hiding from the actual justice system. Social Media viewers’ theory is also something like that. 

The cops caught the potential Father & Son (who may have been wanted for a long time). Assuming that they are not doing good to the world anyway, cops kill both of them in the most horrifying way possible. 

What do we say about this? 

The theories behind the Video could be the truth. Or, the truth can be something entirely distinct. Big-time cartels and members of such cartels do not come out about the crime that their companion may have been victimized. It is because they are often frightened for their own lives. 

In the event, you are an easily frightened or gore person. We highly recommend you not to watch the No Mercy in Mexico Video. The video has three parts. And from Video’s first part to the last, it only gets worse & worse. NSFL Gore content can also cause psychological trauma, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fear, and stress. Hence, if you are watching the video, please watch it at your own risk.

We on this platform strongly disapprove of any form of violence against humans or animals. Such videos only provide the world “wrong message.” If you have kids at home, please take safety controls and set up parental control to keep them away from the risk of trauma. 

No Mercy in Mexico Video Explained!

Up until now, you have acknowledged that the No Mercy in Mexico video is kind of a video that won’t leave your nightmares anytime soon. Thus, it is better to know the content of the video than to watch it in real life. Check out the explanation below to read what happens in the Video: 

The No Mercy in Mexico video begins with two men tied with their hands in front. One man has his mouth tied with a white piece of cloth. The beater carries an ax (metallic) and begins to beat the Father on the head until it begins to bleed. 

Further in the Video, when the Father and son has beaten until they cannot stand. They are thrown near a tree. Another beater takes a knife and opens the chest of his son, only to expose all his inner body parts. Because the Video is so graphic, you can see his internal organs working. 

The beater then pulls the heart out of his chest to finish him off. According to youtube, the two cartels that engage in the Video are lost viagra and Los zetas. One squad of Los Viagra either caught members of Los Zetas or vice versa. We are not sure. 

What is the purpose of the Guerrero Flaying video? 

In the beginning, when the Guerrero Flaying video (No Mercy in Mexico video) went viral on the internet. It shocked Twitter, telegram, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and all other users on social media. Without a doubt, the first reaction of social media users was a shocked face. As the details about the Video begin to grow, viewers are now asking — what’s the point of making this video? 

Well! It is only our assumption that cartels in Mexico fight against each other. They are in a constant rivalry. Without a doubt, a cartel that has members who can give death to other cartel members in the most horrifying way possible wins the war. 

So, in our understanding, the purpose of the video was to showcase power and non-humanity. Sadly, it took away two lives. 


Want to know more about crimes in Mexico? Check out Sinaloa Cartel’s ring leader sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment in Costa Rica. To learn more, go to our website and mark us your favorite. Thanks for having this journey with us. 

Disclaimer: All the information available in this reading has researched from credible platforms. If you doubt anything that is untrue as per your perspective, let us know in the comment section. We do not promote violence on this platform. Please do not “play” the Video if you have sensitive physical and mental health. It may trigger psychological trauma.


1. What is “No Mercy in Mexico”?
“No Mercy in Mexico” is the title of a documentary film that highlights the brutal realities of the drug war in Mexico. It sheds light on the violence, corruption, and lack of mercy that exists in the country’s criminal underworld.

2. Who directed “No Mercy in Mexico”?
“No Mercy in Mexico” was directed by a renowned filmmaker who has chosen to remain anonymous for safety reasons. The director wanted to protect their identity due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter.

3. Is “No Mercy in Mexico” based on a true story?
Yes, “No Mercy in Mexico” is based on real events and interviews with individuals who have experienced or witnessed the violence and brutality associated with the drug war in Mexico. The film aims to provide a realistic portrayal of the situation.

4. Are there any warnings or age restrictions for watching “No Mercy in Mexico”?
Due to the graphic nature of the documentary, “No Mercy in Mexico” is recommended for mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is advised as it contains scenes of violence, drug use, and explicit language. It is not suitable for children or sensitive viewers.

5. Where can I watch “No Mercy in Mexico”?
You can find “No Mercy in Mexico” available for streaming on various online platforms or through DVD rentals. It may also be screened at film festivals or special events dedicated to documentary films. Please check with local cinemas or online streaming services for availability.


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