Nokia Leads the Global Rankings in Updating Smartphone Security and Software features


Nokia (the mobile brand licensed by HMD Global) has surprisingly crowned the chart when it comes to revising smartphone software and issuing security patches and nearly 96 percent of Nokia smartphones are already operating on Android Pie or have had an Android Pie update, making it the shortly brand to reach this level, a new report said on Friday.

Only around a district of the top Android models are updated to the latest OS version, said a whitepaper tagged “Software and Security Updates: The Missing Link for Smartphones” by Counterpoint Research. “OS and security updates are an aspect of Android smartphones that get relatively very little attention.

In our experience researching the industry, we have seen a few brands focusing on this. Virtually 96% of Nokia smartphones, bought cumulatively since Q3 2018, are already operating on Android Pie or have had an Android Pie update handed out to them, making it the rapidly brand to reach this level. This is according to the findings of Counterpoint Research’s latest whitepaper titled Software and Security Updates: The Missing Link for Smartphones.


We believe that equipment makers need to step up their endeavors to provide regular software and security updates to their users. Excluding the device Nokia and Lenovo, the performance of other device makers has been poor. Consumers have started to keep their phones for longer periods of time.

They are also expending a little more when they do supplant their devices. The average time that consumers keep a flagship smartphone before buying a new device has been deliberately increasing. In markets as distinct as China, Europe, and the US, it is now reaching 30 months.

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Clearly, keeping the software and security up to date is crucial to ensure consumers proceed to enjoy a good feat and have security throughout their possession. Manufacturers that decline to take this into account when scheduling the timelines for requiring support to their devices with updates are potentially ceasing to function to their customers
Accentuating the whitepaper findings, Research Director, Peter Richardson, made a point, “Operating system and security updates are an aspect of Android smartphones that get relatively little attention.

“Unsurprisingly, therefore, little effort is expended by the top manufacturers in focusing on regular updates to the operating system and device security, despite it being a critical element in the continued safe performance of the smartphone. Many of the important features like battery life, processor, camera and memory are linked to the performance of the underlying operating system. We believe that it is important to the overall consumer experience and is likely to become more widely recognized as such, ” Richardson said.


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