Normani and more all the hottest snapy from Lori harvey’s for birthday trip with Jordan woods


Jordan Woods and Kylie Jenner may have separated, but Jordan now seems to have enough well-known friends.

A 22-year-old Instagram star posted photos of her envoy on a trip to Jamaica over the week for her friend Lori Harvey’s 23rd birthday. Lori, daughter of Steve Harvey, the host of “Family Feud”, has invited other promising stars to complete the girls’ journey. The producer of “Motivation” is “Tina Williams, daughter of the star” Ryan Destiny and rapper Fabulous. “The Lori journey began on the weekend and continued this week. The team continued to publish many enviable photos on all Instagram during their day trip in Jamaica.

Normani and more all the hottest snapy from Lori harvey's for birthday trip with Jordan woods
Normani and more all the hottest snaps from Lori Harvey’s for a birthday trip with Jordan woods

The girl’s team shared a wonderful group photo of the trip on social networks but took more photos during their beach vacation than solo photos.
Jordan’s trip with Lori, Normani, Winnie and other friends almost a year after his life exploded, Kylie was caught up in Tristan Thompson, a boyfriend of Chloe Kardashian, his close friend at the time.・ Jenner
This scandal is one of the largest tabloid stories of the year, set in an emotional episode of “Catch Up with Kardashians.” Jordin, who lived with Kylie at the time, shared a version of his story in a tense episode of “Red Table Talk” by Jada Pinkett Smith, who broke the Facebook Watch program’s audience record.

Meanwhile, Kylie has moved with her team of girls. Her friendship with her friend Anastasia “Stacy” Kalanikolau seems to have strengthened in the past year, as has a relationship with Scottishic’s girlfriend Sophia Richie in the past few years.
Kylie and Jordin’s ten-year friendship has not yet recovered from the results of the trap scandal.


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