North Korea Unveils Ballistic Missile and Suitable for Military Parade

North Korea unveils missile
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According to the latest World news, North Korea unveils massive missile. Analysts are saying that it may be the most enormous missile of ballistic nature. The unveiling is to mark the beginning of the vast military parade. The parade marks the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the North Korean Worker’s Party or NKWP. Local media will cover the whole event, and the telecast will take place on the government television channel.

While North Korea unveils massive missile, planning on who will carry it is still not complete. As per a few sources, the government is arranging for an 11-axle truck. The vehicle will have the ballistic missile throughout the two-hour event. The function will take place in Pyongyang, which is the capital city of North Korea. Analysts are continually studying the weapon and have come out with quite a few facts.

Analysts state facts after North Korea unveils massive missile.

According to them, the weapon has indeed not undergone thorough testing till now. However, the fact that it is massive keeps North Korea ahead of several other countries who may fight each other. Now, after North Korea unveils massive missiles, they can set several warheads on the same. The enemies must be a little aware of the new development on North Korea’s end. A senior fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program, Ankit Panda, states that the missile will work on liquid fuel. He also says that it is the most massive ballistic missile that will run on the road. Ankit Panda is a researcher under the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

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The Washington DC-based Center for the National Interest’s Korean studies department head clarifies in more detail. Harry Kazianis states that North Korea has come out with the ICBM that runs on liquid fuel. It is not a new model, but a derivative of an old one that has undergone testing back in 2017. The name of the missile is Hwasong-15, and it is the largest considering the DPRK arsenal.

Earlier, when the testing took place for the first time, Pyongyang officials were already aware of the massiveness. They even declared that the missile is capable of carrying the most massive warhead too. Therefore, acquiring such a vast weapon means that the country can set more overheads. It will stay further ahead of the U.S.A because they can now carry out a missile launch using a single rocket only. Until the unveiling took place, analysts were confused about whether North Korea will reveal its masterpiece weapons before the ceremonial military parade.

Kim Jong Un swears to protect his countrymen.

Although a solid-fuel missile is more capable and independent, this one is no less. The only advantage in the former’s case is that it can function without a fuel tank every time. Therefore, hiding from spy satellites is more manageable, and the launching becomes smoother too. Analysts are coming up with newer conspiracy theories as well.

They believe that the step of unveiling the ballistic missile is a part of North Korea’s war strategy. Moreover, Kim Jong Un says that his military forces are gearing up for extra protection to the country’s people raises questions. So, are there more weapons hidden that the world does not know about? Well, analysts do not deny such doubts.

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Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, states that the government is continuously strengthening war deterrence. It means that self-defense is always their priority, and protection of survival and sovereignty follows it. The leader says that they aim to achieve regional peace, and the defense forces will answer back if any other nation wants to disturb it. If they find any offensive armies approaching North Korea, the military won’t think twice before using the deadliest of their weapons.

The ceremonial military parade was a huge success.

Apart from national safety, it is evident that North Korea knows well how to celebrate national importance events. There were fighter jets, military troops, and all groups of importance shouting out salutations. Drones with cameras were covering the marching of the forces. However, one thing that set the whole event apart was no restrictions for COVID-19. While the entire world is trying to cope with the spreading pandemic, North Korea seems oblivious. No one present in the ceremony was wearing a mask.

During the ceremony Leader, Kim became emotional while thanking the army as well as the people. He thanks them for their relentless duty to recover damages due to the recent flood. He further congratulated everyone for the fact that they were safe until now from the global pandemic. While the coronavirus has claimed over a million lives, not a single person dies of North Korea infection. Later, he swore to save the dignity and safety of his country’s people and never let them down. After the end of the ceremony, he went on to attend three meetings. The first one was with U.S. President Donald Trump.


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