Now UC Me, Now You Don’t: 7 Mistakes to Avoid with Unified Communications


Unified communications can be transformative. It can make a business incomparably more efficient and productive. But watch out! There are some common pitfalls which can snare the unwary. 

Mistake 1: Unified Communications Aren’t Always Good Communications

Just because your business has got the most impressive unified communications package, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all comms will henceforth be exemplary. 

The successful transmission of information is as much about content as it is mode of delivery. If a technician uses some prize technobabble in describing a new system feature, it won’t be of much use to the majority. Whether it’s disseminated using UC or just stuck on a notice board, clarity is king. Let it reign.

Mistake 2: Train, Train, Train

This is a classic mistake. Invest in the gear, but the staff have no idea. Most UC training can be delivered remotely, with practical exercises included in the deal. There’s no need for staff to struggle to get to grips with the new way of doing things. With a modicum of training, they’ll be UC wizards.

Mistake 3: Unified, but Unique

When unifying communications, never lose sight of the fact that different sectors of the business will have different needs. Whether this is in terms of devices, terminology or work time, don’t lapse into thinking that UC is a way to ensure that everyone can use a one size fits all system. Remember what certain workers need. 

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Mistake 4: Cater for Complications

Implementation should be simple. It’s one of the advantages of cloud-based telephony over copper wire: no messy drilling etc. However, projects that are as simple as they seem at the outset are notable by their rarity. In fact, enterprise resource implementation saw an average cost overrun of 33% in 2020. So, build in a little contingency resource when you’re working up an installation plan. 

Mistake 5: Don’t Go Public

When UC is run over a public internet connection, a business runs risks regarding security and performance speed. Try to use dedicated data connectivity if you can. 

Mistake 6: Cheap Will Cost You

When weighing up which supplier you’d like to go with, don’t just concentrate on price. Of course value for money is important, but in a great many cases the package will be temptingly inexpensive but off-puttingly basic when in operation. Be sure that the package you choose has all the features you need now, as well as the scaling up potential you’ll need one day. 

Mistake 7: Leave It to IT

Getting a UC system is a big deal: it will transform the productivity and even character of the company. For this reason, management has to be involved with every step of its implementation. A corporate vision has to be set out and stuck to, and this is a management task. The big picture needs framing and interpreting to get a buy in from all staff. 

So, UC the Problems…

…and now you know how to avoid them. With care and a degree of forethought, there’s no reason why your UC implementation can’t be one of the best things that ever happened to your business.

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