Nursing as a Career is Almost a Guaranteed Paycheck

Nursing as a Career is Almost a Guaranteed Paycheck

There will always be a demand for nurses. At the moment, there is a heightened demand for those in the nursing profession because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but even in non-emergency times, nurses are indispensable.

Those who choose nursing as a career are almost guaranteeing themselves a paycheck, and a CNA (certified nursing assistant) certification can be a stepping stone to being a full-fledged nurse.

There Are No Advanced Educational Requirements for CNA Training

A benefit of choosing to go to the CNA route before deciding to go to nursing school is that there are no advanced educational requirements to enroll in a school. In some states, students need to have a high school diploma or a GED to begin a CNA program, and they can begin training as soon as they have that education completed.

In other states, students can begin training as a CNA as young as 16. Some technical high schools offer the program as a course of study. Older high school students who have enough credits to take a shortened day in their senior year of high school may also be able to enroll in a separate CNA training program, making it possible for them to start a career as soon as possible. It should be kept in mind, though, that some employers do not want to hire anyone under the age of 18.

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CNA Certification can be a Stepping Stone to a Nursing Degree

Many people who are considering becoming nurses choose to start their careers as CNAs (certified nursing assistants) because it’s a way to get into the profession quickly and learn the ins and outs of nursing without investing too much money.

Taking this route is smart for two reasons. Those who take CNA classes in Omaha can earn their certification in just 76 hours, and after completing an exam, they’re qualified to begin their career and begin earning money right away. Once they begin working as a CNA, they can get a real look at what nursing and being in the medical profession requires, and it can help them decide if furthering their education in nursing is something they desire to do. An aspiring nurse can also check out some medical courses which will allow them to earn the relevant PALS and ACLS certifications.

A CNAs Salary Can Help Pay for Nursing School

Nursing school can be expensive, and many people need to have a job while they are working on their nursing degree. Working as a CNA can give a nursing student some additional money while going to school. The average salary of a CNA in the United States is about $28,500, according to Those who work full time as CNAs and take their nursing classes slowly can stay financially stable while in school.

Once a nursing degree is earned, those who began as CNAs already have a lot of experience behind them and quite possibly plenty of contacts in the medical world to help them land a good job that is in very high demand.

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The Variety of Nursing Schedules Means that Those Who Choose Certain Shifts Can Make More Money

Not only is there a demand for nurses, but there is also a demand for nurses every hour of every day. That means shift work, and those with flexible schedules can turn to choose shift work into an advantage.

There are certain shifts, especially in hospitals, that pay more than others. While each workplace, hospital and each region may vary, on average CNAs and nurses who choose to work the night shift make more than those who don’t. Shift differentials can make taking the night shift well worth the odd hours. Someone who works the night shift can make up to 10 percent more than someone who works the day shift. And, in a two-parent household, a CNA or nurse who has children and works the night shift has built-in childcare if the other parent does not work night, saving a fortune in childcare costs.


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