NVIDIA Ace Concept Redefines the Mobile Workstation

NVIDIA Ace Concept Redefines the Mobile Workstation
NVIDIA Ace Concept Redefines the Mobile Workstation

Mobile workstations often have been an oxymoron for if you wanted a real workstation performance, then you tend to end up with a monster of a desktop computer with a handle. And if you wanted mobility, you had to sacrifice a ton of performance.

As components got smaller, the capability to decrease the size and weight of the thing increased. But then the huge problem of thermal arises, because workstations put out a large quantity of heat, and people did not like that much heat on their laps or hands.

More than often a technology provider has to get entangled in design to approach a solution to a critical problem, and that was the case with the NVIDIA Ace portable workstation concept. To address this heat problem, they got inventive by making the RTX 6000, which has been picked up by most of the major vendors as it is unique in its segment.

It was launched at IFA in Germany this week and, for those who want a truly portable workstation, this one should be their best bet yet.

Utilizing the pronounced ASUS ProArt for instance and taking a gander at the submitted benchmarks and taking them against a correspondingly designed RTX 6000 work area workstation, NVIDIA made the accompanying benchmarking claims:

For designs utilizing SPECviewperf 13 at 4K Geomean, this workstation idea is around 10% slower, which is quite great however not the sweet spot for this case.

For video altering, it is 3% quicker than the work area, for rendering 2% increasingly slow OpptiX Denoiser, it is about 9% more slow.

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The 15-inch worked in the showcase is completely production line adjusted for exactness. NVIDIA claims that this display is equal to or better than anything else in the class, and it reports 100% Adobe RGB color coverage.

The top-end products from multiple vendors should have RTX 6000 GPUs, Intel Core i9 CPUs, 64 GB DDR4, 1TB NVMe SSD storage, that 4K 120Hz display panel. Wi-Fi 5, 90Whr battery (more on battery life below), and 3 USB-C Thunderbolt 3.0 ports.


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