NYCC Released New Covers, Interior Art from Marvel’s Dawn of X Panel


Marvel Comics is pretty darn good at drumming up interest in their books. Case in point, they are The Pull List show which featured new info about big titles coming out this November.

The stoppers, at least for me, were the X-Men cover, Deadpool getting a new creative team and the Morbius info.

Vita Ayala will be taking on Morbius with artist Marcelo Ferreira while Kelly Thompson and Chirs Bachalo are bringing us Deadpool. Time to kill the king of monsters baby.

NYCC Released New Covers, Interior Art from Marvel’s Dawn of X Panel
NYCC Released New Covers, Interior Art from Marvel’s Dawn of X Panel

X-Men fans are going to want to see the mutant-centric solicits which include Fallen Angels, info, Excalibur cover and info, X-Force, New Mutants, and X-Men cover and info to name a few.

Marvel released its special edition of The Pull List, exclusive information for titles coming to comic shops this November! Presented by hosts Ryan “Agent M” Penagos and Tucker Markus, THE PULL LIST sheds lightweight on a number of the foremost highly-anticipated Marvel comics news, sharing details on the approaching Dawn of X titles; Absolute Carnage #5 and its aftermath in Scream: Curse of Carnage; and new series starting with Morbius and Deadpool.

At a packed panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday afternoon, Marvel Entertainment ended months of speculation by revealing the future of the X-Men comic book franchise in the wake of the line-wide relaunch.

Six new series each reviving a title from the history of the X-Men property was announced, along with character line-ups and creative teams.

Jonathan Hickman, the main creative behind the relaunch and writer of launch series House of X beginning this Wednesday and Powers of X, said that, even though Marvel was announcing titles and creative teams, he didn’t want to talk about the concepts behind each title.

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“If I had my way, I did no PR, I would do no marketing, and you guys would freak out or stone us, but that’s not the way we do things,” he said.


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