Oil in marijuana vaping products could be cause of US vaping deaths


U.S. health officials on Friday have urged people to refrain from vaping till the time they figure out why some are coming down because of real difficult with breathing illnesses.

Officials have so far known about 450 possible cases, which includes as many as five deaths, in 33 states. The count also includes newly reported deaths in California, Indiana, and Minnesota.

No particular vaping device, liquid or ingredient has been linked to all the illnesses so far, officials said. A lot of people amongst the affected — but not all — were people who said they had been vaping THC, the chemical that provides marijuana its high. Many are teenagers or just above that age group.

Oil in marijuana vaping products could be cause of US vaping deathsjpg
Oil in marijuana vaping products could because of US vaping deaths

Health officials stated they have only been counting certain lung illnesses in which the person had vaped within the last three months. Doctors say the illnesses bear a major resemblance to an inhalation injury, with the body apparently reacting to a caustic substance that someone breathed in. Symptoms also included lack of breath, tiredness, chest pain and vomiting.

The illnesses have come up this year, and the number of cases has been rising rapidly in the last month as more states have begun their investigations. A few days back, U.S. officials disclosed that the number stands at in and around 215 possible cases in 25 states.

It’s not yet confirmed if such illnesses were happening before this year.

“We’re all trying to see whether this is new or just recently perceived,” Dr. Dana Meaney-Delman of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told journalists Friday.

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An Illinois health official, Dr. Jennifer Layden, claimed officials there don’t know the beginning illnesses first began, but she said there has been a remarkable increase since spring.

Deaths due to this previously were reported in Illinois and Oregon.

Indiana officers told the person who died there was an adult, but they didn’t say when it happened or publish other details. Health officials in Los Angeles said they were trying to find a vaping death as well. Furthermore, Minnesota officials said that the state’s previously known vaping-related demise was an individual more than 65 years with a past filled with lung issues who had vaped illicit and perilous THC items and passed away in August.


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