On-Page SEO: Important Factors to Optimize


To position a website in the top search results of Google, it is necessary to implement and optimize a combination of factors that the search engine considers important. Among these, the on-page SEO parameters directly implementable within your site are certainly the most important to offer greater visibility to your web resources. Look for the right SEO services to help you implement the best SEO practices.

on page seo elements are  the set of technical implementations and content optimization (textual and images) aimed at positioning a website, particularly a specific page, in the top positions of the SERP. Here are important factors to optimize in on-page SEO.

Quality and authoritativeness of the contents

Write for your readers and not for search engines. Identify yourself with them and try to understand the most important information they would like to read and put it at the beginning of the article, immediately clarifying which topic is covered on the page and then deepen the topic in the course of the text. Remember: the average user spends less and less time reading on the web, so you have to ensure that the news you are looking for is immediately usable.

Information architecture

Organize the topics of your site in a logical and coherent order so that the navigation within it and the consultation of the contents are immediate and easy to understand.

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Site security and adoption of the HTTPS protocol

Adopt the HTTPS security protocol. Not only your online positioning will benefit from this, but also your credibility in terms of safety in the eyes of the user.

Relevance of internal links

When inserting a link between two pages, make sure that the landing page is relevant to the topic and that there is a logical or semantic sense between the two contents.

Mobile-friendly site and page loading speed

Check that the site is easily usable also from mobile and that the pages load in a maximum of 4 seconds. Furthermore, the contents should be clearly visible even on small screens (especially on smartphones), and the interactions with the objects of the site, through the tap on the screen, must take into account ergonomics and human factors.

HTML code optimization

Through specific tags inserted within the HTML code, it is possible to provide search engines with specific information regarding the contents that will be treated within the page. Implementing and optimizing these meta tags makes it possible to position certain content for a specific search query. The absolutely essential tags are the following:

  • Title Tag
  • Tag Description
  • Heading H1: unique title relevant to the text
  • H2 headings
  • Use of keywords in the text
  • Relevance anchor text
  • Alt text for images

Implementation of Schema Markup microdata

This form of microdata, developed in concert by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex, allows pages to be enriched with relevant information by type of business, product, and use. The advantage brought by their implementation is, therefore, more information to the search engine database, and it is known, for Google & Co, the completeness of the data representation is the main positioning factor.

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XML Sitemaps and Robots Files

Sitemap and Robots.txt files are two very important elements for good website management. The sitemap in XML format contains the list of all the URLs published and reachable by search engine crawlers. Its function is to facilitate the discovery and indexing of as many URLs as possible. The robots.txt file, as far as SEO is concerned, contains some important instructions for the Google crawler. For example, within this file, it is possible to prohibit the crawling and indexing of pages that you don’t want to be positioned in the SERP, such as cart pages, restricted areas, or pages that contain sensitive data. Thus, you facilitate the scanning of strategic pages for the business.

Finally, even if this is not an SEO parameter, it is certainly very important to respect the privacy legislation and make the site compliant with the GDPR.


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