Online gaming and cybersecurity


Online video games are a fun activity for people of all ages. However, if you are not careful, a cybercriminal can quickly make you lose big through your favourite online activity. Today there are several ways to prevent cyber attacks and make your gaming process more protected. There’s no doubt that one of the most effective tools for protection is SSL proxies. It is definitely a great choice if you want to be secured online. 

More than half of players say they play video games online, whether on a computer, console or mobile device. It means that not only one device needs to be under protection, PrivateProxy can offer comfortable playing time without worries about security for all your devices. 

The number of online video game lovers is constantly increasing, game designers are constantly adding new features and cybercriminals are carefully studying these new features. To protect yourself, learn how to identify potential cyber threats when you play online video games.

How to be protected when playing online video games?

You have to be discreet. Never give personal information, such as where you are, your gender, or your age, to the people with whom you chat on online video game sites. Consider using a username that does not reveal anything about your true identity.

Update your game and the launcher as quickly as possible. Updates don’t just add new features to your favourite game. They also improve security. Make sure you always apply updates to your video games before starting them, especially if you have online access. 

Protect yourself from viruses. If you are playing on a computer, be sure to use an up-to-date firewall, and install antivirus software and anti-spy software.

It is really important to pay attention to mods. Be careful when downloading add-ons, changes content or personalised content. Scan any downloaded files with your antivirus software before starting the game.

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Use robust phrases and passwords. As with all your accounts, each of your online gaming accounts should have a unique phrase or password created using 

  • lowercase letters, 
  • capital letters, 
  • numbers,
  • special characters. 

How to be sure about your cybersecurity using virtual reality?

If you have already played (or thought about playing) virtual reality games, you may believe that the only risk you run is to stumble while hitting a piece of furniture or accidentally hitting another person in the room.

Do not buy a tampered device. This virtual reality headset may be offered at a fraction of the normal price, but giving in to temptation carries risks. Certainly, there is a great temptation to buy a helmet at this price rather than that of a well-known and reliable brand, but it is rarely a good idea.

Often, these cheap and cheap devices are used by cybercriminals to infect your other devices or steal your money or personal information. At worst, they contain dangerous spyware or malware that can infect your devices. And it is possible that the helmet in question works badly or even not at all.

This type of product that does not comply with current cybersecurity regulations must therefore be avoided. You must always shop at a business that has a good reputation or even directly from the manufacturer. And if you buy online, make sure you are not the victim of a scam by shopping online.

Use SSL proxy. Virtual reality systems often require more information than other online gaming systems, because they use voice recognition devices, the gyroscope to detect body movements and cameras to detect surrounding objects. Some of these devices are also present on consoles other than virtual reality consoles, but in the case of the latter, these devices must be activated at all times. In addition to the information you must enter when you open an account, cybercriminals can exploit these devices to scam you. This is why you must do everything to protect your identity on these systems.

Ssl proxies can ensure your privacy by hiding your real location and IP address. You can therefore configure your router to use proxy and thus block possible attacks.

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Use a parallel network for your virtual reality activities. Your home network access devices such as modems and routers connect you to the internet. Using only one Wi-Fi network involves risks. Indeed, if a cybercriminal ever manages to access only one of your devices, then he has the possibility to access all devices connected to the same network. And of course, the more devices you have, the more opportunities you give cybercriminals to scam you. Some smart devices such as virtual reality consoles are not as secure as other types of devices such as your laptop or phone and this makes you even more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

To protect yourself and your devices, you must then create a parallel and autonomous Wi-Fi network for your smart devices, a network that will also be used for your guests. This will allow you to protect all your other devices in the event that your virtual reality console is hacked.

Regularly update your devices. The safest way to protect yourself from cyber threats is to regularly update your devices and game consoles, without exception.

Software updates are useful not only because they offer interesting new features, but also because they contain security patches that prevent cyberattacks. Indeed, cybercriminals are constantly trying to refine their methods to seize your data and it is therefore important to be constantly up to date to successfully thwart their attempts.

To ensure that you never miss a proposed update, activate the automatic update on your devices. This way, you will no longer have to worry.

For many gamers, virtual reality offers a brand new and fun online gaming experience, however it is really important to play on devices that are safe and have been proven to be safe. It is crucial to follow all instructions strictly to ensure your health and physical safety when playing virtual reality games online. Although ensuring your cybersecurity is just as important. It means that you should choose the most effective and professional ways of cybersecurity. 


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