OnlineSim for Private Registration on Various Websites


With the development of social networks, as well as trading platforms and other resources where registration and further verification of the profile are required, the user needed to enter their phone number and confirm their email address. Renting a number in this case will be a way out and a solution of how not to enter a personal one but use a virtual phone number.

Main user groups

Among those who use virtual numbers most often are users who need to rent a number to receive bonuses or to participate in various promotions, for example. This is a good option for confirming registration and during account blocking in social networks.

In the absence of a second SIM card or during business negotiations, a virtual number is also needed. This is a way to increase the security level of access to the user’s e-mail.

Renting numbers and SMS activations makes life easier for the user because services of this kind create new approaches and options.

Benefits of renting a number from OnlineSIM

The advantages of this choice include:

  • Automatic work 24/7;
  • 100% security and privacy;
  • The possibility to log in from anywhere in the world, from any device, without using special equipment or a SIM card;
  • No queue, no delays in activation;
  • Round-the-clock support; the presence of a referral system.

Long-term and short-term rentals are ideal if you need to maintain your privacy and anonymity online. A temporary phone number for free online SMS fully meets these criteria, because, unlike buying a SIM card, its purchase does not require the provision of personal documents.

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A distinctive feature of the OnlineSIM service is that each number is issued to customers only once. No one will try to register another account on the same number in the same place where you register.


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