OpenAI Releases New “Dangerous” Text Generator AI : Details inside

OpenAI Releases New “Dangerous” Text Generator AI : Details inside
OpenAI Releases New “Dangerous” Text Generator AI : Details inside

OpenAI which is a nonprofit artificial intelligence firm founded by Elon Musk, has released an update to its GPT-2 text generator which is a new and stronger version of the conversational text-writing AI system, makes it even scarier.

When it was first released in February, it was too dangerous for the public. Instead, they released a smaller one. But, it is six times better than the original one.

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For instance, to generate infinite fake positive, or negative, reviews – as if written by a real person.

Of course, this tech by OpenAI can be used to create fake news and propaganda. The original model was more “machine-like”, clearly meaning some flaws in the model. This new model better but, is still prone to writing nonsense. For instance, as spotted by Janelle Shane on Twitter.

OpenAI Releases New “Dangerous” Text Generator AI : Details inside
OpenAI Releases New “Dangerous” Text Generator AI: Details inside

The institute originally announced the system, GPT-2, in February this year, but withheld the full version of the program out of fear it would be used to spread fake news, spam, and disinformation.

GPT-2 is part of a new breed of next-generation systems that have impressed experts with their ability to generate coherent text from minimal prompts.

It’s tricky to convey exactly how good GPT-2’s output is, but the model frequently produces eerily cogent writing that can often give the appearance of intelligence (though that’s not to say what GPT-2 is doing involves anything we’d recognize as cognition).

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Wanna Try?

Sure you wanna try it out. But don’t worry, somebody has already placed GPT-2, with the new 774M model, online. You can see it for yourself how easy really it is to generate a cohesive text on-demand using AI.

Detect Fake News

Sure OpenAI brings us closer to AI world domination. But fear not, people at Harvard and MIT are developing a method to use AI to fight AI. An apocalypse within another.

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The researchers have developed, GLTR, that tracks the likelihood of something written by AI or not. But, only if it’s ever released to the public, that is. The AI wars may be upon us.

We know that a more powerful version of GPT-2 is still there with OpenAI. The company plans to release the model within a few months, but who knows how people would use it.


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