“Overwatch” Launched The Bastion’s Brick Challenge Event


Throughout the year, Overwatch has hosted some mini-challenges in between and alongside the big seasonal events to let players get some extra limited-time skins for their favorite characters. Previously we had Ana’s Bastet challenge, D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge, and more recently the summer challenges to get skins for Reaper, Mei, and Reinhardt. Now players have an opportunity to do the same for Bastion. Keep reading to find out everything you have to.

Not far from home

Similar to the previous events, all you need to do is win nine games in the Quick Play, Competitive or Arcade game modes and you’ll be rewarded with Bastion’s Brick skin. Although Bastion doesn’t quite look like his real-life Lego model, the bright colours are a nice touch all the same. That’s not the only reward however, by winning three games you’ll earn yourself two new player icons, and winning six games will get you two new sprays.

“Overwatch” Launched The Bastion’s Brick Challenge Event
“Overwatch” Launched The Bastion’s Brick Challenge Event

Get it before it goes

If you want even more Bastion cosmetics, you can earn some by watching participating Twitch streamers during the event – two hours gets you one new spray, four hours gets you two new player icons, and six hours rewards you with two more sprays and two more icons. You can get the Lego-themed, or better known as ‘Brick’ cosmetics during the event that runs from the 17th to the 30th of September.

Are you ready for the challenge?

All you have to do is win nine games in one of three modes to earn sprays, icons, and the eventual epic skin you see below. You can also earn player icons and other additions to your account by watching specific streams on Twitch while your Battle.net account is tied to the Twitch account.

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