Pablo Escobar’s new folded smartphone released- can destroyed by fire


Roberto Escobar , the 71-year man decided to set new business and about to release the folded smartphone. The phone named after his brother Pablo Escobar. Escobar claims the smartphone can only be destroyed through fire. And the phone is called Escobar’s fold 1. 

Roberto Escobar’s brother of Pablo Escobar worked at account in the Medellin cartel for years. He restarted the global cocaine trade there for years and now set to launch folded 1. He is releasing the phone through his investment company Escobar inc.

The phone is the most durable phone in the market since unbreakable until catch fire, the company’s CEO said. CEO Olof Gustafsson added by revealing the price of the phone and confirmed that the starting price would be 349$. The phone was under testing and confirmed not be broken or damaged physically until catch fire, said Olof Gustafsson.

“Our phone has gone through rigorous testing,” Gustafsson said. “The only true way to break our phone is to burn it, which I would imagine an average user would not do.”

Pablo Escobar's new folded smartphone released- can destroyed by fire
Pablo Escobar’s new folded smartphone released- can destroyed by fire

The company Escobar inc was developed and formed in 1984. The Roberto Escobar founded the company as ” asset and value protection” for the Escobar’s brother. During the late 1970s and 1980s the elder brother, Pablo Escobar was responsible for the trafficking of cocaine. He was reportedly considered to be a bootlegger of the world’s 80 percent of cocaine in the era. And thus he was listed in the list of world’s billionaires from 1987 till1993 in the Forbes diary. Pablo was encountered on Dec 3 in his hometown Medellin. 

Roberto Escobar, however, surrenders himself in 1992 and sent to prison. He was imprisoned for 10 years. Roberto says that he visited his brother’s house after the release from jail. And thereafter he set up a business there at his brother’ s home. Roberto also claimed for discovering a breakthrough for the cure of Aids.

Medellin, once this city was considered as a city of terror now, becomes a tourist hotspot. Roberto is a half-blind and half-deaf man. Roberto went through a series of bomb attacks during his imprisonment in 1993. The bomb was so close to his face that the late effects put him in half-blind and half dumb condition.

“We want to beat the competition,” Gustafsson told CNN. “We figured out very fast that if we make a good telephone that folds for a reasonable price, we can sell many units. And that is what is happening now.”

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