Paul Zimmer – Has he returned on IG as Troy or Is it just an identity crisis? 

Paul Zimmer or troy Becker challenge
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Musically (now, TikTok) has brought our attention towards several stars. They come from a non-Hollywood background. Yet, their charm strikes our guts in the right place, and we as fans give them all the attention that they demand. It is the story of Paul Zimmer, who had been accused of scamming its fans in the name of social media paid promotions, shoutouts, and DMs. The world of the internet can be pretty scary.

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Though you are sitting at home, scrolling down, the social media feeds without a care in the world. There is some Paul Zimmer out there who is weaving his scamming scheme. These schemes cause a lot of damage to the fans; however, if they come clean, the scammer’s damage is much more. It is because of the legal consequences that it leads to. Paul Zimmer’s case is similar to this one. 

What happened to Paul Zimmer?

To begin with, Paul Zimmer joined Tiktok in 2015, and his out-of-the-world charm led him to a pathway of fame. He achieved over 7 million followers in just a year. Paul Zimmer’s youtube profile also gained followers and views in millions. Not only this, but he started a business using his social media accounts. Yes! (Troy Becker) Paul Zimmer Instagram account was in use to promote fans, shoutouts, and DMs. According to many fans, Paul Zimmer TikTok celebrity charged money and expensive gifts in exchange for promotions on his IG stories, IG Feeds, Tiktok Feeds, Paul Zimmer youtube account, and what not! However, despite serving his fans (who paid a lot for promotions) did not get any results. So, what happened to Paul Zimmer? 

In this reading, you will get a conspiracy loaded introduction to Paul Zimmer and the primary reason why he changed his identity to Troy Becker?

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Who is Paul Zimmer?

For the most part, Paul Zimmer is an internet personality. He got popular through TikTok and later gained millions of followers on the Zimmers Paul Instagram official account. In the meantime, Jamie Rose acknowledged as the Fiance of Paul Zimmer also received attention via her lip-syncing moments on musically and other entertainment-based apps. 

To begin with, in 2017, Paul Zimmer mysteriously disappeared from the Internet. Well! This situation is prevalent when it comes to internet personality. Do you remember Celestia Vega, who backed off from all social media platforms? Anyway!

Paul Zimmer (now, 24 years old) has secretly made a comeback on social media with the name “Troy Becker.” One of the very mysterious moves was “when troy becker immediately gained one million followers without any accountable show of talents on his IG account.” so, Is Zimmers Paul back to scam its followers again?

Who is Troy Becker?

According to IMDB officials, Troy Becker is acknowledged as an all American Actor. He recently appeared on social media in 2019 and had gone viral for his facial features similar to the Instagram celebrity Paul. Not only this but after the prominence of Troy Becker, Paul Zimmer also made a short comeback on Instagram and uploaded a picture of Troy Becker. He also captioned it saying “This @TroyBeckerIG kid literally looks like a younger sexier version of me.” 

Paul Zimmer vlog
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Our high-end researchers have concluded that there are no blueprints of Troy Becker before 2019. However, a few official sites mention Troy Becker as an American actor who started acting at a very young age. 

Yet, former fans of Paul Zimmer on Instagram claimed that “Troy Becker is Paul who is pretending to be 16 years old on social media to regain his fame.” For now, Paul has not confirmed or commented on any ongoing rumors and online discussions. Recently in late 2019, Paul updated on social media that Troy Becker is a highly talented actor and he wants to give all his social media accounts to him with millions of followers. Later, both Paul and Troy disappeared from the cyber world. 

Paul Zimmer – 7 things you didn’t know about him!

When it comes to your favorite TikTok star, fans know everything – from favorite color to personal relationships, Paul is no exception. However, whether you are getting to know Paul from this reading or knew him from 2015, here are seven things that you definitely didn’t know about Paul. Get ready to be stunned:

Paul is not “Zimmer”

When Paul was accused of scamming his fans for monetary benefits, it led to legal consequences. This reopened the fact that the surname of Paul Z is not indeed “Zimmer.” His full name is “Paul Joseph Gutowski.” Several behavioral theories state that to achieve success, Paul Joseph changed his name to P Zimmer after the name of a very popular American poet born in 1934

Paul Joseph Gutowski is now legally Troy Becker

The quote “Life works in mysterious ways” remained true in the case of Paul Zimmer. First, his official identity was found to be Paul Joseph Gutowski. However, after fans and other YouTubers started questioning the connection between Paul Zimmer and Troy Becker. They concluded that in late 2018, Paul changed his name legally to Troy Becker. What a relief for everyone!

Once a scammer, always a scammer

Paul Z has scammed its audience before. And YouTubers are very sure that he will do it again. A prominent YouTuber Danny Gonzalez uploaded a youtube video in December 2019 where he described how Paul Zimmer is back to scam its audience with a brand new identity. Here, let’s take a glimpse of what Danny has to say about the mystery of Paul Zimmer. 

#Banpaulzimmer Trend

If you are not a hardcore fan of Paul Zimmer Jamie Rose Tiktok, you may not know this. However, in February 2018, on twitter and TikTok, #banpaulzimmer was widely trending. The reason being, Paul Zimmer used to go live on Tiktok (then, and asked his fans for TikTok gifts in exchange for video duets, like share, and whatnot. Turns out, he was only scamming his 7 million fans for TikTok gifts in order to get money from the primary app. This led to the trend after which Paul Zimmer disappeared. The entire tik tok community was against Zimmer to quit.

The Age Gap

Do you know? The star is currently a 24 years old, married man and also a father. However, the other version – younger and sexier Paul Zimmer, a.k.Troy Becker claims to be only 16 years old. The main question arises WHY? 

For the most part, several former collaborators of Paul also revealed that – Paul always said that his fans are stupid. He also literally used to say that he is much smarter than any of his seven million fans online. Hence, this mindset of Paul led him to believe that no one can outsmart his idea of coming back as Troy Becker. (credit:

Furthermore, he wrote on his timeline – “This @TroyBeckerIG kid is literally a younger version of me.” turns out – it is a dramatic way of Paul’s comeback on social media. 

Troy Becker knows Jamie Rose

As mentioned before, Jamie Rose is/was PZ’s girlfriend back in the times. But, recently videos and photos of Troy Becker show Jamie taking acting classes with her. Coincidence? Well! It looks like Jamie knows Troy and simply does not know any Paul at the moment. So, is Jamie also contributing to Paul’s scamming plan? Or, Jamie has a lookalike too?

Paul Zimmer troy Becker instagram
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Paul Zimmer made a Statement

In early 2020, the star finally spoke about the conspiracies and uploaded a video on TikTok. In his words, he came clean by saying “I am not the one to talk about drama but people making rumors as to why I disappeared with this whole Paul Zimmer Troy Becker thing. With people saying that I am banned or that I scammed people. Oh my god, there’s too much BS out there. So, I am going to answer people’s questions on my new TikTok account.” 

To the reader’s surprise, the other TikTok account that Paul Z mentioned was indeed “@troybecker.” Hence, it is quite clear that once again, Paul Zimmer made it to the cyber headlines without doing a lot. 


So, now that you know all the history of Paul Z? What do you think should be done to Tiktok? Well! The news of Tik Tok soon getting banned in the United States is all over the media. Is Trump making the right decision? Will it protect teens from following scammers like Paul? Stay tuned with us to know all the answers!


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