Payment Methods Adding New Dimensions to Playing Casino Games


With many games being free to play, new payment methods like microtransactions have become increasingly popular. These are commonly known as in-app purchases and can buy a range of items, such as weapons or access to parts of games that would otherwise remain locked. Their popularity has surged in many genres, which means they’re here to stay indefinitely. 

Keeping Things Fresh

The gaming industry covers eSports, gaming sites, and online casinos, amongst others. They all have their techniques to keep things new for customers, both new and existing. One thing they all have in common is monetary transactions.

Paying to play games in online casinos and gaming sites is usually the norm. Money is used to deposit to play a game or to withdraw winnings, like if a player plays Slingo games for real money at Paddy’s, for instance. It can also be included as part of special offers or promotions, such as cashback given to players whilst playing games. Players are used to monetary transactions being part of games they play in online casinos.

So when microtransactions were introduced, they weren’t seen as something new. In fact, they were accepted by many as an optional addition to online games.

With the different ways money is used by online casinos, perhaps it comes as no surprise that microtransactions were eventually introduced in the wider gaming industry. These provide players with a choice about how to play a game. Perhaps they want to develop their characters, which cannot be underestimated in games, according to Juegostudio, or need extra tools that can only be purchased with a microtransaction.

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What are Microtransactions?

Microtransactions usually appear in games that are free to play online. So, whilst there’s no cost to download the game, if players want to progress in it more quickly, they may need to pay money to get credits. This type of business model has proven beneficial to many online games, such as online casinos. For example, many online casinos will allow you to deposit credits to let you play slingo titles.

Games That Embrace Microtransactions

According to the BBC, it’s a lucrative industry, with some games having their own unique way to keep things fresh for their players. For instance, microtransactions can enable players to buy credits, unlock bonus rounds, and extend gameplay. 

Online casinos also use microtransactions in games. For instance, Slingo Stampede gives players the option of paying to spin again, after their initial allocation has been used. Players can get more numbers to get more Slingo lines, and the more lines they have, the bigger the prize. 

Based on the popular game show with the same name, Who Wants to be a Millionaire is also a Slingo game whereby microtransactions feature. Players have the choice to purchase extra spins after their nine base spins have been used. These can only be purchased at the end of the game, although there’s no limit to how many a player can have. This opens up the game to the player, allowing them to continue toward the fixed jackpot.

Microtransactions are changing the business model for the online gaming industry. It’s also allowing players more choices in deciding how they want to play games. This is adding an extra dimension to the gaming industry, helping it to keep fresher than ever before and for the near future.

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This is because the choice encourages flexibility for slingo and casino players, and gives them the option to play how they want.


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