Personalized Micronutrient Company Offers Consumers Custom Cellular Nutrition

Custom Cellular Nutrition

The multivitamin industry is flooded with a plethora of pills that promise anything from improved focus to weight loss. Even with all of these possibilities, finding a product that properly suits your body and needs may be difficult. The future of the health and wellness industry resides at the confluence of personalization, health, and technological innovation, as customers seek methods of individualized products. Let’s see about personalized micronutrient company offers consumers custom cellular nutrition.

Rootine, a company dedicated to unleashing optimal health via precision nutrition, intends to address the industry’s present lack of data-driven nutritional customization. Rootine uses microbead technology to build a truly tailored micronutrient pack loaded with vitamins, minerals, and specialized compounds that are properly dosed for your body based on your genetic data, blood test results, and lifestyle habits.

Rachel Soper Sanders, co-founder, and CEO of Rootine, sought ways to enhance her everyday performance after years of dealing with near-constant fatigue. Sanders, a former investment banker, had just graduated from Harvard Business School and was in the process of starting her own business when she met Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD, a geneticist, bio-technician, and nutrigenetic expert who was also searching for ways to improve his health and was coming up short.

In an interview, Sanders told Dr. Brittany R. Allman that there weren’t any comprehensive data-driven choices tailored to her body on the micronutrient market, which led her and Wellerstorfer to start Rootine. She explained that consumers lacked the resources they needed to effectively use the knowledge they had to make better decisions about their life and nutrition choices. Sanders remarked that she and Wallerstorfer were inspired to make a difference and were on a mission to help individuals use their health data to enhance how they look, feel, and perform on a daily basis.”

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Rootine’s framework is based in the field of science known as Nutritional genomics. Also known as nutrigenetics, it is the discipline that investigates and analyzes gene variations linked to varied responses to certain foods, as well as linking this variation to illnesses such as obesity, chronic stress, and cardiovascular disease. As a result, customized nutrition recommendations based on an individual’s genetic background may enhance the outcomes of a specific dietary intervention and offer a novel dietary approach to optimize health.

To stay on top of nutrigenetics knowledge, the startup conducts ongoing studies on how genetics and nutrition interact and guarantee that people get the most out of their everyday consumption. Rootine is based on more than 400 clinical research on how diet and genetics interact. In an interview with The Momentous Podcast, Sanders explained that our genes influence how our bodies absorb, metabolize, and utilize nutrients. She went on to say that our cells are the backbone of our wellbeing, and genetics directs how our cellular processes work. 

The company analyzes your genetic information, as well as blood nutrient levels and a 19-question lifestyle questionnaire, to figure out which nutrients your body does or doesn’t need. According to an interview with Levels, Sanders discovered a cellular malfunction connected to detoxification using Rootine, which raised her demand for antioxidants.

Rootine’s test-take-track method distinguishes it from competitors in that members may obtain a personalized product in line with their health data and also monitor their progress. They can carry out this tracking with a digital dashboard that offers numerous resources and information to deliver a premium, accessible health experience. Their website states that “Tracking is the only way to ensure that your formula is working and optimized for your body. Without tracking, even great personalization is mostly guesswork.”

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Rootine relies on third-party testing, and the lab is ISO 9001, 15189, 2200, and 22617 certified. It also adheres to Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). “We know that the market is getting smarter, and our customers are also more data-driven, more empowered, and they have the research and the knowledge to know that testing matters, form factor matters, and following guidelines matters, and that’s where we are as a company as well. We value that, and that’s what customers deserve,” Sanders explained to Momentous.

Sanders said that Rootine is enthusiastic about creating a precision nutrition platform with a range of options when Momentous founder and CEO Matt Wan asked her where she sees the business heading in the next two decades. She further explained that this means incorporating new data points, offering data-driven goods, and assisting members in tracking their progress over time. They’re still investing in a digital experience that incorporates data collecting into a holistic, personalized service.

Rootine is assembling a remote-first team with headquarters at Nashville, Tennessee, and has thousands of members ranging from elite sportsmen such as Brian Burns to celebrities such as Steve Aoki. Try Rootine to start customizing your micronutrition today.


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