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Pet: A trippy new addition to the anime cosmos


Pet: A trippy new addition to the anime cosmos
Takahiro Omori is back after Durarara!! with a trippy anime adaptation of the darkly psychological seinen manga called Pet by Ranjou Miyake. The die was set rolling around March 2019 and the fans of the manga who have been waiting with bated breaths were granted their wish on January 6th, 2020. The show premiered on the said date with its first episode titled “The Crushers” and it is safe to say that it has left the masses wanting for more. Absolutely breathtaking in its twisted plot, with a premise bound to set the grey cells on fire, the people can’t wait to find out what happens next to the two main protagonists. The second episode is due to be released on January 13th. A tiny sneak peek of a preview is available on YouTube which looks enticing.

A trippy new addition to the anime cosmos
A trippy new addition to the anime cosmos

Streaming details of Pet- Second Episode
The anime TV series will be streamed on AT-X in Japan, at 10 PM (JST). However, the rest of the world needn’t wait for long as the dubbed and subbed version will be streamed on Amazon prime without much delay. Amazon teaming up with Twin Engine has surely been a boon.

About Pet
This psychic thriller is about gifted individuals who have the power to bore into the minds of other humans and can even alter their memories. But like all superpowers this one too has its own share of darkness. Potent enough to destroy the heart and the soul of any individual they wish too, their power also corrodes their own hearts. Their powers have been used relentlessly by the denizens of the underworld. “Pet” is a nickname for these doomed people with powers out of fear and hatred. The story is mind-wrecking and makes people crave for more.

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