Pewdiepie Talks About Corona Virus In His New Video

Pewdiepie talks about corona virus in his new video
Pewdiepie talks about corona virus in his new video

YouTube is considered to be one of the best platforms when one wants to make a comeback. And now PewDiePie is back on YouTube again. He is considered to be the king for all the YouTube gaming platforms available. But he took a break last month. He is back on YouTube after 37 days.

And when it comes to looking at the comeback done by him, it is also very amazing. He is back with his old ways hi uploading content on YouTube for last ten years. But last month he didn’t even upload a single file. 

Also, the best part about this video is he loves about coronavirus and also mentions some few things considered to the Chinese language. Till the moment he came back fans have watched the videos over 23 million times.

Apart from making fun of coronavirus about the Chinese language, he also cracks some jokes which also drag him into trouble.

Here few of the things are mentioned which he clearly mentioned in his video.

Pewds starts off the video saying:

Since I was in Japan during the time of the thingy. I bought about three boxes of these. I was like, it’s going to happen, I’m going to die.

He also calls coronavirus “coronachan.”

What if corona can be got me?

In Japanese, “chan” is a term of endearment.

And so many things were there which he mentioned in this video. People are considering this video to be one of the best parts if they want to get filled with amusement. If you have not watched the video here, then you must visit YouTube and have a look at it. Soon you will be able to find out why this is known to be the best comeback in the manner he used to do. 

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