Photography Tips For the Rare Display Of The Northern Lights From The U.S. This Weekend


Ok, so everybody has heard of and seen pictures of the Northern lights over the night sky in Finland, Sweden and extreme northern ends of North America. This weekend, there is a weather forecast that there could be a glimpse of the aurora over northern England to Montana (United States).

 It is a kind of ones in a lifetime thing if you ever get to witness it in your lifetime. It is a rare happening, being present there to watch the mesmerizing beauty and even by sheer chance of luck being able to capture it, is something very rare. Photographing the aurora is not something you get to do every day from your terrace. But if you can, it will be your favorite picture for your lifetime.

Read on to learn how to capture the perfect moment 

Here are a few tips that will help you photograph the aurora perfectly. And believe me, it will be worth your desktop wallpaper for quite a  while. 


Firstly, to photograph the northern lights you need a manual camera. It is not something, your smartphone can do, no matter its excellent camera quality. If you were planning to use it, keep it aside and enjoy the nature’s beauty with your eyes. A manual camera or a DSLR will be perfect for the most spectacular capture.

Secondly, Set your camera up on a camera tripod stand. Definitely, you will not want any hazy or shaky pictures. Setting it up on a stand and clicking it with a shutter cable is the best suggestion to avoid a hazy picture. Remember, it is a phenomenon of only a few moments, you cannot redo it, so make sure to shoot the best in the first go.

960×0Third, Set the camera on manual mode and select the widest angle lens that you have. The wide coverage you have, the more spectacular picture you get. The vast magical green lines across the sky, it is mesmerizing. And that beautiful happening captured to cherish the rest of your life will be totally worthy. 

 Fourth, make sure to set the focus to infinity, ISO in between 600-800, exposure of 15 seconds, and the color mode to tungsten, as the added effect will give the wonderful finish to the picture. 

The resultant picture will be magnificent and so will be your experience. It is not something that you get every day, make it special and memorable, and take note of all the tips to click the perfect picture. 


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