Pixel Watch: A Patent From Google could have a camera in an unexpected place


The Google Pixel Watch is a long-rumored as well as anticipated. Smartwatch that we’re expecting to see a slightly more of in the immediate future and a newly surfaced patent filed by Google indicates the company is expanding some new notions.

The document, found by Dutch blog LetsGoDigital, exhibits the Google Pixel Watch in harsh detail from a few distinct angles – it doesn’t tell us much, but there is one big detail it teases; a camera.

In the center of the watch face exhibited in the patents, where the hands would meet in an analog clock, you can see a small lens. We don’t know any details particularly as sensor, aperture or megapixel count, but it does indicate that Google is at least contemplating giving the Pixel Watch the proficiency to takes photos.


Smartwatches with cameras aren’t really a new sensation; the Nubia Alpha, which initiated in early 2019, had a 5MP camera. Customers found the Nubia Alpha camera fine in terms of picture quality when sighted on the device, and you could effortlessly send out pictures to a smartphone app, but it is very hard to hold a wearable at the right angle in order to take any decent pictures at all.

So no wonder, we’re not convinced that cameras in smartwatches are really necessary unless Google decides to prove, otherwise. But Google’s a pioneer of software, and pretty well-regarded wit hardware too, so it would not be a total shocker if it finds a way to make a wrist-mounted camera work.

Hopefully, we’ll find out shortly, but we’ve been listening about the Google Pixel Watch for more than a year now, and if Google is still documenting patents for the wearable, it indicates they haven’t finalized on a final design yet.

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