Places to visit In Lonavala for free


Lonavala is a place full of attractions, natural sight-seeing destinations. For the people of Pune and Mumbai it is a favourite weekend destination..  In addition to obtaining accommodation at   della resorts & villas lonavala there are some places where you gain entry without having to pay a single rupee.

Lohagad fort

With a couple of pounds it is one of the magnificent ports in the city of Maharashtra. It is situated at a height of 3400 metres and has found its way into the UNESCO heritage site. This place is popular for its scenic location and is a delight for the travellers, trekkers and biking freaks.

This is a place famous for its trekking. If you are looking for some fun this location has to be on top of your to do list. For a beginner heading over to Lonavala would be a great choice because of the straight route it follows. It is more or less a leisure walk in the midst of greenery. During the monsoons the fort looks surreal since it would be covered by smog and mist.

Visapur fort

It is situated around 100 km from Mumbai and 60 km from Pune  the fort is at an elevation of 1084 metres and is one of the major attractions of this place. This is perched on a green plush plateau and happens to be a popular destination among trekkers or nature lovers. A special feature about this fort is that in order to reach the top you have to make your way via waterfalls.

Pawna lake

This is situated around 20 km from Lonavala it works out to be an artificial lake that is surrounded by immense beauty. This works out to be a perfect tourist spot in this region. The road that leads to this destination is full of greenery and craggy hills as you pass by. If you are looking for a calm gateway away from the hustle and bustle of the city life this is a go through destination. In fact this place attracts a lot of crowd. You could head over to this place during any time of the year but it is better to avoid the hot rays of the sun.

Tung Fort

Situated near Lonavala this is a great place for the trekkers. Most of the hackers are known to cover Tung and Tikona during the course of a single visit. No doubts to the fact that these are popular spots of trekking in this region. Though the approach to reach the top turns out to be challenging. The fort is full of bastions and ramparts. The steep climbs are known to possess a narrow route which would be on the edge of the mountain throughout.


Around 20 km away from Lonavala it is situated on top of a hill. It is near the Amby valley with a 6 km trek and stone cut steps lead to the most part. The fort is going to have an elevation of 3000 feet so it would be providing you with a panoramic view across all directions. Once you reach on to the top you will be able to examine the gateway on to the fort. In addition to this there are a couple of lakes, some water along with a temple to see.

During the monsoons season the route is delightful and from the top the water tank looks full. From the top of the fort the landscape views are superb. For the photographers numerous opportunities are provided. When it comes to the night trekkers the destination has a lot to offer when you are at the top.

Tiger point

It is one of the major attractions of the region. This place provides a panoramic view of the sunrise and sunset wonders of this place. The view from the top of the fort is simply amazing. It is a must see destination for all those who are visiting here. Accommodation at   della resorts & villas lonavala have special packages in place to visit this destination.

The sunrise and sunset scenes can be witnessed in the grasp of a mountain. Most of the hill stations have these point and Tiger point seems to be no different. It is also known as the Lion point and both the terms are being used at an interchangeable level.

Table top

The name table top was given due to a flat hill point on the bed. It is known to provide breath taking views of the river valley as the place becomes alive during the monsoons due to the water falls in the background. For this reason a lot of the movies are shot here.

It is during the monsoons season the place is covered with clouds. The fogs or clouds would give you a feeling that you are in heaven. The view from the top is spectacular and one can see the Kune waterfall on the opposite side of the mountain.

Duke’s Nose

This place is famous for various attractions like valley crossing, rock climbing and it is known to attract numerous trekkers from all over the world. It is possible to walk or climb up the place from Khandala station. 

Though the trek may seem inaccessible but it is an easy task. If you are touring around the place there is a Mahadev temple on top. The attraction of Lonavala would present a mind blogging view of the plains. The weather appears to be pleasant in the early part of the evenings and the night.

Karla caves

It ranks to be among the popular types of architecture found in India. Build by the Buddhist monks it is one of the popular forms of architectural style. A major feature of this cave is that it has support from wooden beams and there are no signs of corrosion. It is the first of its kind in the world.

To sum up things these are some of the popular tourist attractions of Lonavala.


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