PlayStation Classic returning for 2020 release, PS5 game SURPRISE ?

PlayStation Classic returning for 2020 release, PS5 game SURPRISE ?
PlayStation Classic returning for 2020 release, PS5 game SURPRISE ?

After the PS5 was confirmed by Sony in a surprise move earlier this month, many questions remain about the nature of the next-gen console, including details about the release date, architecture, and the PS5 price point that day-one buyers can expect.

Sony has been making people more and more curious and excited. Day by day different rumors are being spread about Sony’s 2020 release. The rumors are about the new PS5 console and PS5 games. Sony has already revealed the strength of the new Sony console but hasn’t yet revealed its price.

Fans expect these surprises to come in 2020 with the Xbox Scarlett project. There are many rumors about other projects with the upcoming console.

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PlayStation Classic returning for 2020 release, PS5 game SURPRISE ?

While Sony is keeping its cards close to its chest, for now, a recent earnings call by the tech company has shed a brighter light on Sony’s plans for the product, and in a subsequently released earnings report, the development of the PS5 was again reconfirmed, stating an “increase in development expensed for the next generation console.”

According to internet rumors, the PS% console will boast a sequel to the PlayStation all-stars battle royal series. The set may have play stations all other characters from different games fighting together. Rumors are also there that the new PS5 games will be made available for PCs also.

This, however, will happen in 2021. Sony has also revealed that they are working on to release new multiplayer games for the platform.

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The new surprise game will follow Nintendo’s Smash Bros. The famous characters from Sony will fight each other in a single set. Sony, however, may also release new characters to make this game more interesting.

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According to rumors, the new game may also feature Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clark, Nathan Drake, and Spiderman. The excitement is high among fans. But this project of Sony is time exclusive.

The release may be in 2020 or 2021. Rumors have obviously made the game more exciting for gamers. Sony will surely come up with something good and exciting for their customers.


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