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Taking the liberty of rephrasing a well-known adage, we can safely say that marketing is created for analysis, like a bird for flight. And this automatically gives rise to the desire of  PPC Reporting`s specialists to use relevant and most informative reporting for analysis.

Next, we will try to briefly inform the interested circle of persons about the various patterns already available related to contextual advertising. Our goal is to enable PPC specialists to facilitate the optimization of work with any information and reporting.

For more details, seehttps://www.owox.com/blog/articles/ppc-report-template/.


  • Applying patterns in PPC reporting – apparent pluses
  • Multipurpose reporting with applying OWOX BI S.D.
  • OWOX BI reporting`s pattern with applying Data St.
  • Digital Marketing Paid Channels KPI pattern with applying Data St.
  • Merchandising pattern with applying Data St.
  • Summary

Applying patterns in PPC reporting – apparent pluses

Before moving on directly to the presentation of reporting`s patterns, let’s say a few words about how you can prepare and combine a huge stream of information coming from everywhere into a single base for further cross-cutting analysis?

Service OWOX BI is able to cope with such a task. This service not only has a variety of possibilities, but also has a user-friendly interface and is free from a rigid line of tariffs.

Let’s list the main pluses of applying PPC reporting`s patterns:

  1. Significant time savings, since an already developed pattern can be used more than once.

Of course, in this case, you need to make sure that the information and graphics that are present in the finished pattern meets your request and contains all the components you need. Moreover, you can just as easily cancel the application of any pattern, if such a decision is made.

  1. The ability to manipulate ready-made patterns, combining them with your own reporting developments, including using them as a base for filling your own unique information.
  2. Sufficient ease of apply, which allows even beginners to work with such patterns, who can be guided by the supportive development of more experienced colleagues.
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Multipurpose reporting with applying OWOX BI S.D

If you need to make sure that your company’s productivity in the direction of contextual advertising is sufficient, a pattern for such a multipurpose reporting is what is useful for this purpose.

Why is such a reporting so attractive?

First of all, all productivity criteria are genuine and relevant. OWOX BI S.D. service allows not only to manage efficiency, but to manage it literally from a single monitor. At the same time, all information is inspected for its quality, and it remains possible to correct and moderate it.

It is not difficult to manage this process, it is enough to open S.D. (Smart Data), and OWOX BI will collect and transfer information, regardless of its source and category.

OWOX BI reporting`s pattern with applying Data St

If you ask a specialist what is the highlight of any reporting, the answer will be unambiguous – the presence of so-called key indicators in it.

Of course, not all of them are of equal value to the organization, so first it is worth determining the purpose of the report and the planned decisions based on its results.

After identifying the required KPIs, feel free to start applying the required reporting pattern.

In this program, it is one page on which all those key indicators that you have set are entered in the column.

Very useful functions of this resource are the ability to use specific filters for information, as well as the ability to break down the necessary information into segments for a more accurate assessment of the productivity of each segment.

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Digital Marketing Paid Channels KPI pattern with applying Data St.

Having noted the indisputable importance of key indicators in the PPC services reporting, one cannot ignore another very important reporting component. These are the resources on which advertising is promoted.

In this context, it is very useful not only to have a general idea from Google, but to see the information “tied” to each resource. This pattern just allows us to consider such information with a breakdown by PPC resources, segments, locations.

Unlike the one-page reporting pattern with key indicators, this pattern is multi-page.

Merchandising pattern with applying Data St.

There is one more basic characteristic, which, based on the results of reporting, allows us to evaluate the productivity of contextual advertising. These are different groups of goods.

The reporting pattern, taking into account this characteristic, is in great demand by online markets and retail sellers.


There is no doubt that any PPC professional has faced a choice at least once: which is better – simple reporting or superior reporting? Ofcourse, theanswerisobvious.

The reporting patterns offered by various services will allow you not only to create excellent reporting, but also to organize your PPC activities in the most optimal and productive way.


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