Arrest of Two Haitian Involved in Assassination of President Jovenel Moise

President Jovenel Moise
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Six men hatched a plan to assassinate President Jovenel Moise and executed it on Wednesday, July 7. They killed the President and also attacked the first lady.

President Jovenel Moise assassinated by Haitian Americans

James Solages was one of the two killers who were Haitian Americans. Mathias Pierre, who was the minister of elections in Haiti, identified him. However, he didn’t disclose any extra information about the assailant’s background nor disclose the other Haitian American’s name.

Who is Solages?

According to Pierre, as per his statement to The Associated Press, the rest of the four assailants were Columbians, the oldest being 55, and Solages was the youngest, 35.

Leon Charles, Director of National Police, Haiti, says that there were seven more murder suspects. Further, an ensuing police encounter killed them.

On his website established by Solages in 2019 for some charity based in South Florida, he claimed himself to champion children’s rights. He was also an aspiring politician and a “certified diplomatic agent.”

As per his description on the charity’s bio page, he was the bodyguard at the Canadian Embassy in Port au Prince. Also, a Linkedin profile having Solages name and display picture says he is an IT graduate. The list of skills also includes mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP), electrical troubleshooting, and military police.

Witnesses testify the assassination

Witnesses testified that the mob found two of the suspects hiding behind the bushes in Port au Prince. The crowd attacked them. Police intervened and arrested them and took them to the nearest police station. The mob chased them.

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Also, the angry mob set ablaze several abandoned vehicles having bullet holes believed to have belonged to these suspects.

President Jovenel Moise
Image Credit: Flickr

Ongoing investigation

Charles addressed the public to maintain their calm and requested not to take the law into their hands.

The officials in this investigation didn’t disclose any particular motive behind the assassination. But they said that this was a work of an expert trained and armed group. The international community and the opposition parties condemned this attack.

Le Nouvelliste reported that the President was shot several times. His bedroom and the office were pillaged, as per the information given by a judge associated with this case. He also said that the shooters probably used 7.62mm and 5.56mm guns for the killing. The investigators discovered these cartridges in between the indoors and the gatehouse.

Meanwhile, Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph assumed power with the support of the military and police. He asked Haitians to resume work along with ordering to reopen the Haitian international airport.

President Jovenel Moise assasination stirs controversy

Moise’s rule wasn’t a democratic one. For above a year, he had used the decree to rule. Critics and opposition violently criticized him. Moreover, the opposition demanded he resigns.

His assassination triggers a succession dispute. Constitutionally, in his absence, the President of Haiti’s Supreme Court should take over. However, with his death in Covid-19, the question remains regarding who will fill the presidential position.

The day before his assassination, Moises selected Ariel Henry as the would-be prime minister. Ariel Henry is a neurosurgeon by profession.

However, Joseph asserted his position as the acting prime minister, given Haiti’s anarchy after Moise’s assassination.

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