Princess diana’s niece kitty spencer got engaged_ Here’s everything you need to know!


Its time for some regal wedding again! Princess Diana’s 29-year-old niece Kitty Spencer just announced her engagement with Michael Lewis, a 60-year-old Foschini boss, as stated by the Mirror.

As stated by one of Kitty’s close friends to the Daily Mail, Lewis proposed to Kitty, a model, and socialite, right before Christmas. The newly engaged had the same social circle and met through their work. Lewis is a South African born fashion magnet and Kitty, as stated earlier, is a model. So if anything, this wedding is going to be a great fashion gala.

Kitty happens to be the elder of Earl Spencer’s four kids. Earl Spencer is a model himself managed by Storm Management. Earl was divorced in 1997, and from then on Kitty took turns to stay with her father based in England, and mother who is a resident of South Africa.

Princess diana's niece kitty spencer got engaged_ Here's everything you need to know!
Princess diana’s niece kitty spencer got engaged_ Here’s everything you need to know!

Kitty is soon going to be tying knots with Lewis who happens to be thirty-one years elder to Kitty. He is also elder to Earl by five years. However, the age difference is not a matter of concern, especially when Lewis worth $105 million!

The couple has been dating since May 2018, and though they are quite different from each other, that did not seem to bother their budding love. Kitty adores the limelight, she is a social butterfly who loves to party. On the other hand, Lewis is not a big fan of the limelight and prefers to keep to himself. What can we say, opposites attract!

Though there seems to be a stark difference in their choices, the couple has a similar educational background. Lewis holds a graduate and undergraduate degree from the University of Cape Town, KItty also happens to be an ex-student of the same institution.

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Lewis is Jewish by religion, however, we are not sure if Kitty is planning to covert before the nuptials. No matter what, we are all geared for this wedding!





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