Priscilla Presley’s Beloved Horse- Max , Died at Graceland


Priscilla Presley is going through a difficult time after the demise of Max, one of the beloved horses at the Elvis Presley Stable at Graceland.

The late rock and roll legend’s ex-wife took to Instagram to state the news of Max’s passing.

This horse Max, unlike many of the horses at Graceland, is not a descendant of Elvis’ prized equines. Instead, he came from a rescue unit called ‘Sex Horses Saved’ and was brought to Woodland where he won over the hearts of the Presley family.

Priscilla wrote on Instagram, “After learning about the sad, sad news from Graceland this morning that Max, one of our closest horses, had just passed away, both my dogs, Boz and little Ridley, immediately came rushing over to comfort me. I will miss Max excessively. His story will always hold dear to my heart.”

Priscilla Presley's Beloved Horse- Max , Died at Graceland
Priscilla Presley’s Beloved Horse- Max , Died at Graceland

Typically, fans flooded the comments section of the post with love and condolences for the animal lover. Many expressing their deepest sympathies and heartbreaks for the tragic loss.

“Animals should live longer than humans, they would make the world better,” commented one fan.

“So very sorry, as we age it just seems all about loss,” added other fans.

“Awwh so sorry Priscilla, your precious dogs will always be a comfort for you in this tough time,” wrote another.

Life hasn’t been easy since Elvis‘ premature death in 1977. She has been very much worried about their daughter Lisa Marie‘s well being.

News portals have extensively reported on Lisa Marie’s struggle with her drug addiction, one that reportedly has friends and family convinced that she will “die like Elvis.”

The singer’s only child’s financial struggles were also revealed amid her nasty custody and divorce from Michael Lockwood, the father of her twin daughters.

Now, Priscilla’s concerns about her daughter seemed to have disseminated.
Last month, she told that Lisa is “doing well” despite her legal battles.


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