Pros And Cons Of Having A Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch

Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch

We know that you have already researched some information about the RV types you are going to purchase. Also, it is a big possibility that you will choose a fifth-wheel trailer attached with a hitch as your RV buddy in the long run. In that sense, have you checked Pros And Cons Of Having A Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch.

In this article, we will tackle all the things you need to know about the Fifth-Wheel Trailer hitch. With this, it will be easier for you to weigh out all the factors if it suits your RV lifestyle. Hence, check this post as we unravel all the pros and cons of having a fifth-wheel trailer attached with a hitch. 

Why is it necessary to know the pros and cons?

As a consumer, it is essential to know the benefit and the downside of a particular product before actual purchase. This is to weigh in all the things you need to consider that will affect your daily activities and vacation associated with the product you are going to avail. Also, this can be your reference in making a decision. 

As an RVer, it is vital to know the pros and cons of every RV product you will buy. Why? Because your RV is like your home away from home. It should match your preference for comfort and tranquility. All positive things associated with the product will surely benefit you and your family occupying the RV unit. 

On the other side, the downside or cons of a product will help you manage your expectations. If the downside is way beyond your needs, then you can opt to take effect away from your choices and look for another one. If the cons are manageable, you can choose the product and customize it a bit. 

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Also, the pros and cons will determine what you like. Besides, it will help you know what you are aiming for a product and what you are avoiding. Because let us admit it, without full knowledge of the product, the pros and cons are what we are looking for as a customer. On the other hand, a customer who is not very well focused on the technicalities and specifications uses pros and cons as their reference in buying. 

Pros of having a Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch


Since the trailer’s connection and the truck are closer to the center of gravity, you will notice that it is easier to tow on long trips and even on some tricky winding roads. Also, it is convenient as you travel because you can bring anything that will fit in the RV. With a fifth-wheel trailer hitch, you can bring up more appliances compared to trailer trucks. 


Because it is easier to tow, it means it is safer for any travel ahead of you. This is because the driver will not have any difficulty while on the road. Also, the hitch makes it less likely to sway compared to any other trailer and RV connectors. 

And because a fifth-wheel trailer is much shorter than a trailer truck, it is easier to maneuver and truck driver-friendly even for first-timers. You can also enjoy a more modern approach by having tall ceilings and spacious interiors. Hence a more private RV experience. 

Cons of having a Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch


Everything beneficial comes with an eye-popping price. First off, due to the bigger size, you will need a giant truck. If you have one already, well, congratulations, you are all set up. But if not, then you need to buy a new pickup truck to start with. 

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Besides, a fifth-wheel trailer requires costly maintenance as well. This is the reason why some fifth-wheel users don’t travel that much. The more they travel, the more they need to maintain the RV. 

Travel restrictions

The size of this RV is quite massive. If you are going to a campsite, well they have wider roads for you. But, if you are going to pass on a city, you will have some problems to deal with. Primarily, the streets in the town or city are only meant for regular-sized cars and pickups. Even though a fifth-wheel RV is maneuverable, you will still have difficulties in tight spaces. 


A fifth wheel is much heavier compared to a trailer truck making it harder for you to boondock. Also, you will have some difficulty on sloppy roads and winding trails.


To sum it up, a fifth-wheel trailer hitch has more benefits that you can get compared to its downsides. It is now up to you to manage all those cons and be happy in your RV living with a fifth-wheel trailer connected via a powerful hitch. 


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