Protect The Eyes During Sports And Gaming


When you wear bluelight filter glasses when gaming, they reduce the volume of light that reaches your eyes without color distortion.  This, in turn, reduces headaches and eye tension.  The primary advantage of wearing these glasses is preventing the eyes from overexposure to blue light, without altering the visual appeal of the game. You will still be able to see all the blue light put in the game by the developer, it will just be less intense.

Blue light filter glasses are designed to block out UV light and particular wavelengths of visible light, which is not visible to the eye, without distorting the screen.  These glasses are precisely designed for gaming because they do not have a noticeable tint to them.  Attempting to play games with amber-tinted blue light glasses is among the more dreamlike experiences ever.  The glasses do not block all the blue light, just an adequate amount to provide your eyes with less stress.

Sleep Benefits

A number of studies have associated blue light exposure with reduced levels of melatonin and poor sleep quality.  Additional studies have revealed that blue light filtering glasses help in improving the production of melatonin.  Wearing gamer glasses, particularly after 6 in the evening, can assist in improving the circadian rhythm of your body and your quality of sleep. 

Popular Gamer Lenses

Amber Tint Lenses

The lack of amber tint is an indication that you cannot tell they are glasses designed to block blue light during gaming.  Amber-tinted gaming glasses provide the best improvement of visual performance and contrast while playing video games.  In addition, they decrease screen glare and reduce the harshest parts of the color spectrum.  Typically, amber tint lenses filter 65 percent of hazardous intense blue light from digital screens.

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Huge amounts of blue light trick the brain into believing that the sun is rising and morning is on the horizon.  For this reason, going directly from a dimly lit room with a bright screen to trying to go to sleep does not happen easily for most.   

Crystalline Lenses

These glasses are intended to be used by graphic designers, film editors, video editors and visual creatives who need an equally composed color spectrum. The lenses filter 10 percent of hazardous intense blue light that emits from the computer screen.

Liquet Lenses

These lenses are the ideal solution for gamers who require a composed color spectrum and protection from artificial blue light. Liquet lenses filter out 35 percent of damaging high-intensity blue light that is emitted from computer screens and video games.

Gaming and Prescription Glasses 

For those who wear prescription glasses, a few options available to gamers they when they are playing.  Some of the options are listed below: 

Blue Light-Blocking Coating

This option involves applying coatings of blue light-blocking technology to the glasses you wear daily. This assists in reducing glare and blocking blue light.  This option ensures that different glasses will not be required for gaming.  An added benefit is that your eyes will be protected, even when you are not playing a game.

Prescription Lenses Gaming Glasses

Choosing prescription lenses when ordering gaming glasses is another option.  Provided that the frames are of optical grade, the glasses can fit lenses of varying thicknesses.

Gaming Glasses that Can Be Fitted Over Prescription Glasses

If you do not wish to purchase new prescription gaming glasses, you have the option of seeking out anti-glare glasses that can fit over the glasses you wear daily.  You could try to wear standard anti-reflective glasses for gaming over your everyday glasses. Some gaming glasses are extra wide to prevent scratching of your prescription lenses.  Additionally, clip-on gaming glasses can be bought. These glasses are light and can be stored easily.

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Symptom of Blue Light Helped by the Glasses

Blue light filter glasses are certainly worth it; they help to prevent the unpleasant experience of having many headaches.  In addition to reducing the occurrence or frequency of headaches, these glasses will significantly contribute to the reduction of watery eyes, dry eyes, neck pain, shoulder pain, sensitivity to light and blurred vision.

The best time for gaming is after responsibilities have been handled and you are unwinding from a hectic day and preparing for bed.  Blue light gaming glasses will work to keep your mind focused and assist you in relaxing when you eventually stop hitting the “one more turn” button.

You will also have a faster transition from games to sleep, look better and most importantly, feel better in this time when feeling good is in short supply.  Gamers need this type of thrill to keep their spirits up.

The longevity of blue light filtering glasses comes in quite handy; once you have bought a pair, there is virtually no chance they will break or become damaged (unless you are a very specific type of League player).  When it gets down to the nitty gritty, blue light gaming glasses are well worth the cost. The fact that they generate value over time is the simplest reason to purchase something; as such, you should get yourself a pair of blue light filtering gaming glasses today.


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