Proven Ways to learn and memorize the concepts faster


When students see the syllabus, some get overwhelmed while some are excited. But one question that eats them is if only there could be some easier way that would make their work easy and smooth. And the good news is that there are tips to learn and memorize the concepts faster. Rule number one is to follow in an organized and systematic way.

When one has so much to memorize, especially as one progresses to higher classes, stress also becomes a part of the equation. Therefore, as you learn to memorize the concepts faster, it also becomes necessary to keep the stress away. In this article, we bring you all the tips, read ahead. 

NCERT Solutions Can Help 

NCERT solutions are straight from the expert and authentic, which means, you can completely rely on them for all the subjects and the important formulas, equations or question-answers. The language in NCERT is very simple and easy to understand. All the solutions and the concepts are prepared with the latest CBSE curriculum, so you can go through them stress-free. They are prepared by well-experienced teachers. It even contains the sample question papers and practise papers, which make the preparation easier.

Learn Faster 

Whether it is learning or memorizing, everything needs a plan. You should know what to do on that particular day, without wasting too much time. It’s not possible to do everything together, especially when you have to memorize things. It requires time and a strategy. So, start with the contents that need to be learnt or memorized, and then come up with a plan, a study schedule that can help you.

Mnemonic Method 

This is the process where you learn new things in connection with what you have learnt earlier. You can give a keyword for some terms as it will help you to remember things in a much easier way. This method is also used on kindergarten kids, such as learning alphabets through a song because it enables kids to remember the song rather than make them feel it’s compulsory study time. You can try a similar method too. 

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Reading Out Loud 

Another way to memorize is to read aloud as it will make you listen as well as read. When you repeatedly do this, the words that you are trying to memorize will be captured in your mind.

Learn To Relax 

One can memorize and keep the learning in mind only when the mind is relaxed and calm. If you are doing things together and also memorizing at the same time the brain won’t have the space to keep what you have learned and it simply vanishes, wasting your time. Whenever you have something to memorize, just relax for a few minutes then start. This will surely help you.

Summarize The Chapters 

When you are reading a chapter and completing it, close the book and make a note of all points and the formulas. Make sure you review the notes fully without fail. For instance, if it is English and you have finished the story, make note of important words and points and write a synopsis of the story for you to read and understand later. 

Be Regular With Studies 

One of the best ways to ensure you remember everything you study is to be regular with it. Even if you are studying for a short while, make sure you do it every day. And, whatever you study, make sure you revise it the next day before you start something new. 

Methods to Memorize Formulas and Equations

Whenever you are reading a formula or an equation, first understand the concepts and know-how its been derived and what basic elements are there in it. Once you have understood this, then read it again and again. This way, you will be able to grasp it well. 

Next step, you can also write the formulas and equations many times. Writing it several times will automatically keep it in your memory. You can always review every day, so you will not forget what you learn.

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You can relate formulas or any equation or whatever you have to memorize to something easy or some of your favourite things like clothes, food or even some locations. This works very well and ensures you don’t forget things. 

Whenever you are trying to learn anything new or any formulas and equations follow these steps. First, close your eyes and take a breath, and then recite whatever you have learned. You can also make a pattern of learning in a specific way that you think you can grasp very easily. You can keep some specific alphabets for each formula or equation to remember them.

You can also make use of sticky pads and paste in your study area. This will ensure you will see it every day and keep recollecting them. Also remember, fill your stomach and study only then. Never start on an empty stomach. This will not help you even if you sit for long hours. However, it does not mean that you overeat as it can make you sleepy. 

Do Things You Enjoy 

While you study continuously for your exam, it is important to take breaks and do things you enjoy as it will help keep your mind fresh and stress-free. Only work and no break will make it monotonous and you won’t be able to grasp much. Therefore, take breaks weekly and enjoy some free time. 

Finally, always keep a positive attitude and remember anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Everyone has different ways of learning and memorizing things, and doing things that work for you. Also, understand whatever you study. Don’t simply memorize it for the sake of gaining more marks. 


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